Rollercoaster Mum: The Forth Bridge or what to consider when buying a children's bed.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Forth Bridge or what to consider when buying a children's bed.

Painting the Forth Bridge

Owning a house is a bit like the infamous Forth Bridge - the work never stops - just as you have 'done' one room you look at another and realises that it needs 'doing again'. This may not apply if you don't have kids but with two in the house it quite definitely does. We moved into our wee cottage about 8 (or is it 9 - eeek) years ago. In that time we have added a dormer window, done our bedroom, made a nursery, built an extension, changed the kitchen, moved the bathroom, moved walls, put new windows in and generally changed every little bit (even the garden). However much of it is now beginning to look a little tired around the edges and even though it doesn't seem long since we finished whatever we did last - things need doing again *sigh*.

We started last year with Little Miss Sunshine's bedroom as this had not been decorated since we had painted it in jolly pale blue and yellow with happy ladybird borders for the arrival of Little Miss Star nearly eight years ago. The furniture had changed since then of course and the toys and various other things - including of course the beds. No longer did it hold a cot but we still thought that as she was now a big schoolgirl she could do with a more grown up bedroom.

The two most important things to decide on were of course the colour (please not pink - please, please) and my children's bed. The colour was solved by her best friend having her bedroom painted recently in rather a grown up muted purple - which she loved (oh yes - result!) The bed issue was a little more tricky. We live in a (very) small cottage, although her bedroom is big enough for a double bed (but lets face it at age 5 she's not really interested in a double bed even though said best friend does happen to have one), we need to maximise on space and storage.

The choice out there is quite bewildering and rather exciting. I don't remember beds being that exciting when I was a child! There's bunk beds, cabin sleepers, mid sleepers, high sleepers, beds with storage, beds with desks, beds with tents, spidermen beds and princess beds. They can be white, pink, blue, natural wood, gorgeously tasteful or verging on the tacky. One of my favourites that I found was like a campervan - with a bunk bed on the top and a desk, sofa and storage inside - how cool is that? I would have given my eye teeth for a bed like that as a child.

Unfortunately this didn't fit where we needed it in Little Miss Sunshine's bedroom but we did need to utilise the space so it came down to a mid or a high sleeper with room for stuff underneath. Although she is only 5 we opted for a high sleeper (they suggest they are from age 6 but she is quite sensible) in white painted wood which goes with the rest of the room. Underneath she currently has a desk, some toy storage and even her old bed which is now a day bed/ story reading spot. This will no doubt changes as she does but she loves it and calls it her Princess Castle!

This isn't the best pic (or the tidiest!) but you get the idea!

Of course the Forth Bridge apparently no longer needs constant painting and titivating - wouldn't that be nice if we could have houses like that - can't see it happening though!

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  1. I feel your pain - my house is very Forth bridge like and 20+ years on I still haven't reached the end.

    I painted Miss Macs bedroom something that purported to be soft mist or something - it turned out to be battleship grey (just about got away with it after adding loads of mirrors and turquoise stuff).

    The bed looks great and lots of fun.


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