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Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 19

For a short (working) week this has seemed like a really loooong week - why is it that a week after a holiday seems like that? I can't even remember what did happen last weekend - oh yes it was sunny and we had BBQ's. I think we even ventured out - to a great free local event called Grow For It - at one of the local posh schools. Alan Titchmarsh was wandering around and the kids got to pond dip, make bird feeders and collages, paint flower pots and plant things, amongst others. The rest of the week was mainly about rashes and Rainbows - both featured by Little Miss Sunshine. The sun slowly disappeared - the wind and rain came back with a vengeance and Little Miss Star featured in Achiever's Assembly (again!)

blue sky
Blue skies - ahhh!

Rainbow uniform
My rather rashy and proud little Rainbow off to her first ever Rainbows meeting

municipal planting
Not normally a fan of municipal planting but these tulips looked so amazing

spring blossom
Candy pink blossom - who can resist that pink fluffiness!

Linking up as always with Th Boy and Me and all the awesome photographers on the 365....

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  1. wow that sky shot is awesome - the blue with the white lines streaming through it!the flower shots are so pretty too - the candy pink blossom especially. x

  2. No rainbows here but we had a very similsr rash!
    And some sunshine which may have been connected to the rash on reflection.

  3. Lovely collection of photos! I love this time of year with the flowers starting to bloom.

  4. Beautiful Spring pictures, the rash doesn't seem to stop Little Miss C Sunshine - let's hope it clears up soon.

  5. Great spring pictures this week and lots of colour.

  6. Absolutely stunning sky and those tulips are amazing. Fantastic photos.

  7. Beautiful blue skies and flowers, can't decide which is my favourite!

  8. Like the pink blossom best.

  9. That blossom shot is stunning and I love the zooming planes in the sky!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365


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