Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 26


Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 26

Woohoo! We are half way through this project - that means I've been doing this weekly post for 18 months now - phew!  The week has been one of sport and sporting triumphs. It was National School Sport Week and the girls both got to try out loads of different sports, they even had opening and closing ceremonies and it was declared the best week at school - ever!

This, however, was not the highlight of their sporting achievements as it was on their bikes that they did best. Little Miss Sunshine finally, finally managed to ride a proper bike on her own without stabilisers (she's never had them) and Little Miss Star completed a 7 mile bike ride with me (we even saw a fox and a deer and a woodpecker on the way.) Well done girls!

Barbie bike
Riding properly on two wheels - at last!
Longmoor Ranges
Mummy and Little Miss Star's long bike ride
There has been a 'supermoon', Little Miss Sunshine's caterpillars for her Butterfly Garden that she got for Christmas have been growing at an amazing rate and I have included pic of her posing in a party dress (complete with plaited hair courtesy of her big sister) that I love and that she has been wearing since she was two! There has even been a little sunshine

Ready for the party  - posing with plaits!
Linking up as always with the Boy and Me and all the other bloggers taking amazing photos every day - go see some more fab photos.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, this is a wonderful post, loved the photos! You have beautiful, adorable daughters and I think it's impressive that you have introduced them to nature in such a healthy way. The bike ride sounded like a whole lot of fun as were all the other activities.
    Today’s Flowers
    An English Girl Rambles

  2. Well done on reaching 18 months in pics, that's a big milestone! Love the deer that's come to see what you're doing :)

  3. The picture at the bottom is a lovely capture

  4. great pictures honey, i really love the bike helmet and also the last picture and her gorgeous smile x

  5. Lovely pictures. She looks lovely in her red dress!

  6. well done us on our 28 months of posting a photo a day :)
    i love your daughters unicorn crash helmet and she diud well to cycle so well and how wonderful to see a deer!
    And how radiant and pretty does Little MIss Sunshine look in her red party dress - i love that dress myself! xx

  7. Oh that dress is gorgeous! Am impressed at the seven mile bike ride together! Sounds like it was a nice trip out!

  8. Well done to your daughter for doing a seven mile bike ride and Little Miss Sunshine looks lovely in her red party dress.


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