Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Weeks 23 and 24


Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Year in Pictures - Weeks 23 and 24

So you may have realised by now, dear reader, that the Rollercoaster household has been away on their holidays for a couple of weeks. We actually got back last Sunday but the two equally Herculean tasks of tackling the washing /ironing and my never ending emails has taken it's toll - hence I am cheating and posting two weeks together and most of the pictures are from the holiday and that's been really hard to choose - I always take zillions of pics on holiday, although some had to be taken on Little Miss Star's camera as I had left my charger at home - ooops!

We went to the South of France and stayed at a Siblu campsite called Le Montourey near the town of Frejus (more of that next week). We spent most of the holiday on the campsite if the truth were told but we did visit Frejus a couple of times, took the kids on one of those aerial slide things (older one loved it and it seems little one did not!), visited St Tropez and The Gorge du Verdon which was beautiful. The worst thing about coming home has been the rain - ugghh! The last photo was snapped in a rare moment of sun in the new 'play' tent I had got them for the garden - needless to say they love it!

Siblu Max the Mouse
Enjoying life 'en parc' at Siblu Le Montourey

Cote d'Azure
Sculptural trees, St. Raphael

Jardin de Cesar et Leonie, Muy
Little Miss Star loved her adventure in the trees

St. Tropez

The Gorge du Verdon - stunning scenery
play tent
Back home and making the most of a rare sunny moment in the new 'play' tent in the garden
As always I am linking up with the awesome The Boy and Me and all the other lovely 365'ers

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  1. goodness me i am hard pushed to choose a favourite so ican imagine how difficult it was for yur to oick some from your 2 weeks! looks like an amazing time was had. i really love the first one with all the water splashing, the two trees shot , the one with yor daughter walking towards to sea and the one of both of your girls with that beautiful back drop. xx

  2. The holiday looks wonderful. Particularly like the dramatic scenery. Welcome back to the rain.

  3. Oh my your holiday looks great! That tent shot is awesome - the tents itself is cool but the girls faces mean it's one to treasure!

  4. Your holiday looked amazing xx

  5. Glad you had a fab holiday - plenty of lovely fun outdoor pictures which would be great for the Country Kids linky!

  6. I'm not at all jealous. NOT AT ALL! I haven't had my fleece on today at all. *sob*

    Love the waterslides and the view over the mountains.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. Looks like a fab holiday destination. Love all the photographs. Might be a bit green. Sniff.


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