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Monday, 15 July 2013

Macro Monday

It's been so gorgeous and sunny this week that I haven't had time for massive inspiration so I am revisiting the wild flowers/ weeds theme to show you the flower and the seed head of the Hawkweed. They are very like dandelions but the flower is smaller.

Hawkweed or Hieracium flower
Such a fabulous colour. 

Hieracium seed head
It looks so fluffy! 

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  1. The details and color on these are amazing.

  2. Wonderful macros! I thought it was a dandelion at first, thank you for explaining that it was a Hawkweed. I think it is a lovely flower even though considered a weed. Thank you very much for sharing it with Today's Flowers :)

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful flower!

  4. Lovely shots of these wild flowers.

  5. Wonderful shots! Impressive!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I have always wondered what those flowers are called.


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