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Friday, 28 February 2014

We love Florentine and Pig

Florentine and Pig - 'who are they?' I hear you ask. Well they are the newest kids on the picture book block and even though we are getting a little old for picture books in the Rollercoaster household (Little Miss does like them for her bedtime story still) we have all fallen just a little bit in love with Florentine and Pig

I first came across them on facebook and I remember loving the whole design and ethos. We didn't actually read their delightful first book ' Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic' until we borrowed it from the library last summer and then I had to persuade Little Miss to take it back. So she was super pleased when we received two more Florentine and Pig books to review a while back. 

The first is 'Florentine and Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure' where Florentine and Pig wake up to find that it is pouring with rain so they decide to play pirates and look for Florentine's lost 'ever so sparkly button'. All the books inspire creative play and imagination as well as providing some lovely simple recipes and crafts, along with the charming stories by Eva Katzler and Jess Mikhail's gorgeous illustrations. They are books that positively plead to be picked up and looked at and unlike some others they do not disappoint. 

book review of Florentine and Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure

And here is Little Miss's review of the Lost Pirate Treasure - I love her picture of Pig diving into the fishbowl to get the 'ever-so sparkly button'. Normally she will say she 'can't do' pictures but she was so enthusiastic about this that she threw herself into it with gusto!

Kid's book review - Florentine and Pig and the Lost Pirate Treasure

We even made some of the 'X-marks the spot biscuits'. You may notice they are a little burnt but they still tasted scrummy and I think I may have made a small mistake by not following the recipe exactly (oops - sorry Pig!). Bigger Miss is very keen to try put the Malted Milk next.

Florentine and Pig - X-Marks the Spot Cookies - #homebaking

We were very lucky people and we must be super special friends of Pig's as we also got sent a copy of 'Florentine and Pig and the Spooky Forest' which isn't even published until June this year (you can preorder it though either from Amazon or even direct from the lovely people at Bloomsbury.)

Book review - Florentine and Pig and the Spooky Forest

Once again Little Miss willingly did a little book review for me - although I'm not sure about 'the meeting'' she mentions! They hear a strange noise one night and think it might be a 'the growling, prowling BogMog' monster so they set off on a monster hunt camping expedition - complete with delicious camp supper of course! Little Miss has provided a bit of a spoiler for the ending though!!

kid's book review - Florentine and Pig and the Spooky Forest Adventure

We had a go at one of the crafts from this book and made some pretty 'Twinkly Jam Jar Lanterns.' They really were super easy and the best part about all the crafts in the books is that they are actually simple enough for little kids and use stuff that even I have in the cupboard. Bigger Miss loves joining in with the crafts and cooking just as much as Little Miss!

Florentine and Pig - Twinkly Jam Jar Lanterns - simple #kidscrafts

Florentine and Pig's Twinkly Jam Jar Lanterns

I completely adore these books and I am just rather sad that my kids will soon be too old for them as I am sure there will be more in the series. The illustrations are adorable, the text uses lots of great alliterative and superlative words that kids love and the crafts and recipes are brilliant. Anyone who has small children should get at least one. Not only will you read it again and again you can also use it for the recipes and the crafts - bargain! 

You can find them on Amazon, from Bloomsbury direct or even at your local library (although they might well be on loan already!) They also have a great little website (with even more crafts and recipes) and an active facebook page. 

Disclosure: I was sent copies of the books to review but I have received no other form of recompense payment and all words and views are my own (and my children's!)


  1. These books look fantastic. It is great that they contain activities to do along with the book so you can enjoy exploring the book after you have read it. Thank you so much for joining in with #kidsbookaweek

  2. like the activities in the book, great to get the smalls interacting with the story

  3. I think these books are lovely, well written and colourful. Plus I like the reviews by Little Miss - I can see her having a blog of her own in the future!!

  4. What a lovely book with super illustrations. Some yummy looking cookies too! :-)

  5. What sweet books. And I love how they include activities. Your lanterns turned out really well!

  6. These look like lovely books and I love how your little one has written book reviews x

  7. Love the crafts at the end! That is such a nice add on to a children's book.

  8. What a lovey smile! This book looks so good, great illustration and loving the activities x

  9. I'm going to look out for these! It sounds as though they'd be perfect for my two.

  10. Looks like you really got into those books, a lot of fun to be had. My girls still love picture books too even though they are nearly 7! Mich x


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