Rollercoaster Mum: Memories of a bookworm for World Book Day (and can you guess who we are?)


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Memories of a bookworm for World Book Day (and can you guess who we are?)

I wasn't going to do a #WorldBookDay post but now the big day is here it sort of feels right. I live in horror of dress up days for school but this is the first year that our school has actually joined in with World Book Day and I'm actually quite excited by it as I love books.

bookworms will rule the world
I found this the other day and printed a copy for Little Miss's room! 
I could spend hours wandering around a bookshop - a luxury that these days, sadly, just doesn't happen. I remember as a child we had one small bookshop in our town, I would go in there and spend forever trying to decide what book to buy with my birthday book tokens. I loved the smell, the colours, all those wonderful stories and possibilities stacked on a shelf - how could I choose? My mother even took to leaving me there and going off to do some shopping before coming back to get me. As for library books.... in those days you could only borrow a maximum of four at a time and I clearly remember being taken to the library in the morning, carefully choosing my four books and, much to my mother's horror, by the afternoon I had read all four and wanted to go back to the library again. I had to literally have books taken away from me at meal times!

Now I struggle to read my Britmums Book Club book which is about one every two months. I have hope though as both girls enjoy reading but the real little bookworm is Little Miss. She has recently discovered that she can read chapter books herself and since half term she has read four of the Rainbow Fairies books (which is our entire collection- can't stand them myself but fine as long as I don't have to read them to her), one and a half dog themed Holly Webb books and about half the bible (only a kids story style one but still has 60 stories in it!) Trying to get her to put down a book before the end of the chapter is nigh on impossible!

bookworm at work
Not the best picture of my little bookworm but here she is reading the other morning.
 Both my little bookworms liked the idea of dressing up for World Book Day - both picking one of their favourite books. I tend to cobble things together for dress up days ( I refuse to spend money on them) but I did have fun with the laminator for this one! The question is can you guess who they are??!!
costumes for World Book Day
And this is what we did for #WorldBookDay - can you guess who they are??


  1. I think you have a Matilda, but I can't guess who else! (I have Matilda today too)

    I am running a World Book Day linky, and would love you to link up!

    1. You may be right but I'm not telling yet! I have linked up on your linky - thank you for the invite :)

  2. Oohh...I'm not sure. I think Matilda too. I also try not to spend too much on dressing up days, we put together what we can.

  3. I'm guessing Matilda too... can't quite see what the writing on the cakes picture is but the only thing I can think of with cakes and a clock is Alice in Wonderland (but as you mention Rainbow Fairies, which I've never heard off - better go look them up - maybe one of those?)

  4. Matilda and Alice? What a lovely pair! I love the picture of your little girl reading, it's amazing when they figure out that there's a whole world of fun out there to be had...My kids get to read more than me these days, though I need to be more disciplined and stop gaffing about on Twitter till stupid o'clock at night, perhaps I need the discipline of Britmums Book club too! #blogclub


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