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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Billy Smart's Circus is coming to Town!

There is something eternally romantic and exciting about a circus - even these days and when I heard that the famous Billy Smart's circus (they have even performed in front of the Queen!) was coming to visit my home county of Hampshire very soon I had to know more. These days circus's are all about human performance (no animals thank you - it's really not fair on them) and the UK tour of Billy Smart's Circus sounds like it has some awesome performances including acrobatics, comedy, music, juggling and amazing aerial feats.

Billy Smart's Circus

The tour is hosted by Yasmine Smart (granddaughter of founder Billy, no less) and includes amazing performances from artistes like :

The Flying Aces - five youngsters on the flying trapeze, swinging and somersaulting through the air (eeek!)

The X-treme Brothers - three talented Romanian acrobats showing off amazing feats of balance (definitely not me after a couple of gins then!)

Alina Eskina - with her unique 'cube' routine (curiouser and curiouser)

Germaine Delbosq - foot-juggling on the back of a motorbike (the mind boggles!)

The Asadullin Troupe - all the way from Russia they use a seesaw to propel one another high in the air (thank goodness there's no seesaws at the local park)

Caroline - a high flying, solo trapeze star (respect is all I can say)

Jonny Bogino - whimsical Italian clown (there has to be one and thankfully he doesn't look too much like one - for anyone with clown fears) - but he is funny!

Indian Spirit - whirling bolas to the rhythm and beat of the drums (mental note to keep well clear!)

And all this complemented by a real live band - wow!

Anyhoo - down to the details. Billy Smart's Circus will be in Southsea Common from Thursday 21st to Sunday 31st August and Old Common in Basingstoke from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 7th September. They do two performances a day and tickets start at £7 for kids and £9 for adults if you book online. For more information including performance times and prices and to purchase tickets visit their website - or phone the ticket and info line on 0113 2602444 or just do it the old fashioned way and visit the box office on site. Mind you they are so modern these days they even have a facebook page if you want to catch up on their latest news and see some pics.  Here is the poster for Southsea and I think the timings for Basingstoke are a bit different so you can still get to see them after school - no running away with them mind!

Poster for Billy Smart's Circus
Disclosure - I have been offered a family ticket for one performance for sharing these details with you (I am genuinely excited though!)

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  1. I can't recommend this circus enough! We all had a brilliant time when we went. It's really very professional and quite a lot larger than the others I have been to in the last few years. My favourite was the X-treme brothers - really amazing!


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