Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 33


Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 33

It's been quiet, oh so quiet, this week. The girls you see have been at the in-laws for the week, in the name of childcare (for us) and quality time (for them). This has become an annual thing in the summer holidays but despite them driving me mad when they're here I hate them being away for a whole week. However they are now back and life is back to it's noisy normality. In the meantime I barely took any photos  - missing rainbows, kingfishers, grebes, views and all sorts of delights but here is what I did manage to capture:
Super moon
There was of course the 'super' moon which I did manage to capture, even if not the meteor shower! 

Pelargonium flower
Random picture of the red Pelargonium flowers outside the back door on a sunny morning before work.

double rainbow
I did manage to capture the second double rainbow of the week - you can just about see it's a double one! 

shiny new wellies, Aigle Lollypop
My bargain of the week - sod schoolshoes - new wellies squeeee! The girls both had holes in theirs after our camping trips and these were no more than a pair of supermarket ones - yay!

teddy love
You can tell the girls are back - the teddies are back on the sofa!

sunny sunflower
Not the best photo as taken on my dodgy camera 'phone but I was so pleased to see Bigger Miss's sunflower had flowered at the allotment that I had to take a pic of it to send her.
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  1. oh wow some stunning shots i am loving that moon shot :-) .. i am also jealous as my sunflower doesnt really have a head yet!

  2. Always love a good sunflower snap! :)

  3. Great photos, the moon is stunning and the double rainbow is great. I love the new wellies that shot could be an advert for wellies lol it makes me want to buy some

  4. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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