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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Capture the Colour

I'm a bit late to the party as usual but I have only just seen this idea over at the lovely and talented Bavarian Sojourn. Now this is actually a competition from Travel Supermarket but as it is to do with my two favourite subjects - travel and photography - I had to have a go even as this late stage (and with the talent of Bavarian Sojourn and others I haven't got a hope really!)  The idea is that you have Capture the Colour - not just one but five - Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red and write a little about each. Now I could have spent days doing this but I don't have days so here goes!


This is one of our favourite haunts - Butser Hill on the South Downs. It is a BIG hill and you can see Portsmouth, Southampton and even the Isle of Wight on a good day despite being quite a way in land. On a sunny day you can see trails of people walking up and down it like a row of ants when spotted from the nearby A3. It is also a fabulous place to do a bit of kite flying - almost too windy in occasions. This was our first attempt at taking the kids kite flying and it was too tricky for Little Miss Sunshine who spent most of the time in a grump but Little Miss Star did a marvellous job of launching the kite for us even if she wasn't quite strong enough to actually fly it. An easier kite to fly is now on the Christmas wish list.


I love this photo - it was taken in North Cornwall on a relatives farm. The field and the trees and the little shepherds hut are all so green and then there is Little Miss Sunshine prowling through the grass in the rare moment of sunshine having fun. Most of our trip on this occasion it poured with rain - no wonder Cornwall is so green! You can also spot one of those typical Cornish trees bent by the wind in the top right of the photo.


This photo was taken on our holiday to the Domaigne de Dugny campsite in the Loire Valley last year. We are rather fond of this campsite and we have been back twice. It is one of those big French ones with lots of waterslides and kids entertainment. Once upon a time we would have thought it our worst nightmare but now we have the girls our world travel is somewhat changed and if they are happy then we are happy. They love the freedom of the life on the campsite and we love the comfort of the caravan (I'm not being sarcastic here!), the peace and quiet of the area and exploring the beautiful Loire Valley. There is a lake at the campsite where you can hire the bright yellow pedalos and although this photo is not about the pedalo it's yellowness really stands out. The girls were looking out for our caravan which was one of the ones overlooking the lake and it was a lovely still sunny morning providing some great reflections on the lake.


This was taken on our recent cruise to Norway and it is in the port of Stavanger, not the most exciting place we visited but one with several surprises including a fabulous playground of recycled materials from the oil industry and the lovely old town with all it's white houses seen here. It was very pretty with a surprising number of flowers and even more surprising gardens with a multitude of fruit - so unexpected in an area so close to the sea. The girls were desperate to go back to the ship and swim in the pool at this point but they still had fun running, dancing and skipping down the cobbled streets of white houses under a white clouded sky.


This photo was taken on our trip to the Olympic Park in Stratford, London on our great Olympic adventure. We were so lucky to be there and to have beautiful blue, sunny skies. This is one of the interactive attractions from the sponsors (in this case a very well known fizzy drink.) It looked very cool but with queues of about an hour and an impatient 7 year old I contented myself with taking some pictures of it.

To enter this competition I also have to tag five other bloggers - now I know they have practically zero time to do this but here they are just in case... (apologies to all at the lateness!)

Dear Beautiful BoyCoombe Mill, Mummy Mishaps, AParty of Seven, Nine to Three Thirty

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Silent Sunday

cruising Norwegian fjords on Cunard

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cruising on Cunard - 52 Photo Project - Week 34

I cannot lie to you - we have been away - not that I imagine any of you noticed as I haven't been terribly communicative of late on the old twitter wotsit and facebooky thingy, what with the summer hols and all. We have been doing it posh and went cruising on the Cunard Queen Victoria amongst the rather spectacular Norwegian Fjords. We had a lovely if rather exhausting time and as a holiday it had it's good and bad points much like all holidays (nothing to do with Cunard I hasten to add who were excellent - especially the lovely Carlito and Aurelia who served our table at dinner every night.)

Anyhoo I don't have much time now as I have already done 3 loads of washing and due to the deluge as soon as we returned home this is not progressing as it should. We have a houseful of cousins over the weekend, the place looks like a tip before they even get here and now I have to choose a photo from the 487 (yes that is correct!) that I took in the last week so I really cannot dally. I may tell you more about it one day when I have recovered from the swaying as my body is currently convinced I am still afloat.

If you would like to see more of my little Photo Project take a peep here.
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