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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Nov 30th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 30 - the End and thoughts on blogging

Hurrah! I made it - 30 posts in 30 days - to be honest I don't think I thought I would when I started out but I do like a challenge and I hate failing at anything. I've done a few Silent Sundays, a couple of recipes, some other photo posts and some reviews but I'm still pretty new to this blogging lark so it's all part of it I reckon.

Have I enjoyed it? Well yes and no I suppose. I haven't liked the pressure to post every single day - it's been like having a daily deadline. I have however enjoyed finding out that I have always found something to post on and to be honest I still have about 4 or 5 ideas in draft that haven't been done (and possibly never will now!). I have also enjoyed finding out what I like doing and beginning to find my style ( I think!). I apologise now for the waffle and bad grammar but the posts have been somewhat rushed sometimes.

I have loved the photo stuff and I really want to do some more on this - I especially intend to have a play with the Picnik website that Mammasaurus recommended. I've also quite enjoyed the odd cooking post and I intend to subject you all to more meaningless waffle and rants in due course. I have found the reviews more difficult as I don't feel as free to say anything I like and there are the links and descriptions that need to be put in. I am, I think, generally one of the 'lighter' bloggers with less of the 'dark side' as Maxabella put it. This inevitably means most posts are not too serious and may occasionally even provide a laugh. I may yet surprise you all though and show my 'dark side'.

I have found the time pressure really hard as I find it very tricky to do during the day with Little Miss Sunshine constantly badgering she's bored or just generally waffling on. Thank God for Cbeebies - although the poor child is lucky her eyes haven't gone square after this month (bad bad mother). Hence I am now writing this at nearly 2am - I hope that I can go back to going to bed a little earlier. I may be an insomniac up to a point but it has been getting a tad ridiculous and I am not sure OH would put up with it for much longer.

On that subject some of you may know that I had not told OH about the blog - well now he knows. This is not necessarily a direct result of NaBloPoMo but I think it has had an influence on it. I won't go into details but we haven't had the easiest of times the last few months and on the whole I am glad he now knows. (Also quite glad that so far he has shown no sign of wanting to see or read it - but my dear if you are reading this I do love you and I'm sorry.)

One of the best things about it has undoubtedly been all the new blogs I have found (although I haven't had the time I would like to read them) and all the wonderful, lovely, beautiful people that have commented on my blog. I really hope that bit doesn't stop - please don't go lovely people (stifles sob and insecurity). The community feel around NaBloPoMo has been great with lots of encouragement and comments which is very heartening for a new blogger. I very much hope I can get to Britmums Live and meet some of you luvverly people. In fact completing this has made me determined to book - I will convince myself it is a reward!

Would I do it again? Probably not as it has taken up an awful lot of time and energy - house, kids, husband, Christmas and birthday preparations have all been neglected (why couldn't it have been in January!) and I have an email inbox the size of Everest . I think as a newish blogger it has been particularly useful. I have learnt lots and met lots of people  (in a cyber not real life kind of way) and read lots and I have most importantly completed the challenge. Never say never again but I don't think I'll be here next year.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL!- pats on back all round. 

Right I'm off to find the sloe gin - see you all soon and Happy Christmas! (just in case I don't come back in December!)
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