Rollercoaster Mum: *NEWSFLASH* Back to School nearly here - Holidays ending soon!


Friday, 17 August 2012

*NEWSFLASH* Back to School nearly here - Holidays ending soon!

It's nearly time again to think about all the things the kids need to go back to school, or in my youngest's  case go to school for the first time (sniff). We are now over half way through the holidays (don't they just fly) and it's time to panic about pencil cases, school bags, lunch boxes, school shoes and of course school uniform. All this can add up to a sizeable sum, especially when you have more than one child. So I am eternally grateful that these days most if not all your school uniform can be bought relatively cheaply from the supermarket. (Who'd've thought it eh?) Thirty years ago you had to go to a special shop and I'm sure it was probably more expensive than it is today and it was certainly less stylish!

One of my favourite supermarkets for school clothes (and clothes in general actually!) is George from Asda. They have a great range of styles (important when you have two fashion conscious little ladies) and it's all very reasonably priced and easily washed with the extra Teflon coating stuff (how do they do that - a few years ago Teflon was for saucepans not clothes!!).

We were lucky enough to be sent a couple of their items to test and the girls loved the little extras like the pretty chain on the side tab charm skirt (as modelled by Little Miss Sunshine), the swirliness of the flippy skirt (as modelled by Little Miss Star) and the original ruffle front girls polo shirts (as modelled by both Little Miss's.) I like the easy wash Teflon coating stuff on the skirts and the adjustable waists as it can be so frustrating to get clothes the right length and then find that the waist does not fit. Possibly the best bit for mums (and dads) is George's 100 day satisfaction guarantee so if for some reason those skirts don't wash like they should or the polo shirts stretch too much then you can take them back (within reason of course!) So like they say they are 'chosen by mums, tested by kids and guaranteed by George'!

Now of course, the other issue with the holidays, other than getting ready for the next term, is keeping the little loves occupied. This can be taxing for the most diligent of parents and we were fortunate to be invited to join in with Asda's Back to School 'Little Designers' Competition which meant that along with the clothes we got sent a plain school backpack and everything we needed to do some designing on it including fabric paint, markers and crayons.

Aha - something for the girls to get their teeth into and keep them occupied for a morning. Now they both love 'making' so this was right up their street. I, of course, was as usual worried by the mess but they had lots of fun thinking about what they had done in the holidays and what has happened this year to get their designing and colouring done.

I was actually rather impressed by their artistic endeavours. On the front is a crown to represent the Jubilee, a cruise ship at sea which represents our holiday and the Olympic rings and torch along the flap of the front pocket - all drawn by Little Miss Star. Little Miss Sunshine added her stamp by painting a rainbow, sunshine and flower on the front pocket. On the back they did joined handprints - one each and each of them drew and coloured two butterflies. They even decorated the sides with stripes and the straps with polka dots (they're not just spots you know!)

Ours is a joint entry from both Little Miss Sunshine (aged 4) who is off to school for the first time this year and Little Miss Star (aged 7) who starts Juniors this year. Here they are in their new school clothes from George at Asda - so please vote for them and their fab design by commenting below - thank you! xxx

We were sent some clothes from George's Back to School range along with the backpack and crafty materials to join in with the competition. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love the way they worked together on the bag - it looks fab :)

  2. My four-year old and eight-year old did ours as a team effort too. Love the hand prints, what a fab idea.

  3. That's a great design, love the handprints!


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