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Friday, 22 August 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 34

As soon as the girls were back last week we were in the usual whirlwind of activity, friends beer festivals, work, a fabulous day out to Mottisfont with the National Trust (they have a great Quentin Blakes kids trail on at the moment which I highly recommend), shopping and very very sadly losing favourite teddies. Anyways it's still summer hols so I don't have time to chat so on with the pictures...

Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Verbena Bonariensis
A lovely Tortoiseshell Butterfly was fluttering around the garden between showers

welly flowers
A friends adorable little girl admiring the wellies at the Beer Festival

change4life 10 minute shake up
When they have had a spare moment the girls have been inspired by the change4life 10 minute shake up campaign and this was Olaf's summer dance apparently! 
Quentin Blake, NT Mottisfont
We visited National Trust's Mottisfont to see the Quentin Blake exhibition and the girls did the Adventure Quest wher you get to write your own book and I have to say it was brilliant with fabulous play places and lots of imagination. I think it runs until 14th September - well worth a visit.

National Trust Mottisfont, a place for contemplation
I loved this bench at Mottisfont in one of the play areas, a quiet spot for contemplation

National Trust Mottisfont, having a rest
The girls having a rest on the Adventure Quest at Mottisfont and checking their books.

gate into walled garden, National Trust Mottisfont
The enticing gate into the enormous walled garden at Mottisfont - need to go back as I didn't have time to explore properly.

#lostteddy, #southampton
I know I have done a separate blog post on this but I had to put this in again as it has made us all very sad this week as we have lost Spencer - I know he is only a soft toy but he was very special so just in case you see him please let us know - he was lost in Southampton on Wednesday 20th August - his story is here.
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - O is for ...

mmm O - what the blazes do I do for O? All I can think about is 'orange' - I blame Blogger's logo! I think I am going to have to go back a couple of years and re post a couple of photos. So I say that O is for...


I was initially slightly cynical about the 2012 Olympics but Rollercoaster Dad was very excited and proceeded to pursue getting tickets with gusto and we are all glad that he did. We had two amazing Olympic days in London in 2012 and it is an experience that I certainly will never forget.

Wenlock, 2012 Olympic mascot
Meeting one of the Olympic mascots dotted around London - also the day we got Spencer the dog who we lost recently - very sad 

Beatbox 2012, Olympic rings
The Olympic rings outside the Beat Box - one of the Olympic Park venues

Olympic flame 2012
The fabulous 2012 Olympic torch in the Olympic stadium

2012 Olympic Park, Wenlock
Running with Wenlock, the Olympic mascot in the wonderful Olympic Park

For lots more O ideas go check out our lovely host on PODcast and her Alphabet Photography Project.

Lost Teddy in Southampton - Please Help to Find Me

Hello my name is Spencer and Little Miss and the Rollercoaster family lost me yesterday - Wednesday 20th August in Southampton. I was wearing denim dungarees and a check shirt like in this photo but I didn't have my hat on. I am a Build a Bear Fudge Pup - basically a chocolate brown puppy with white/cream patches and  I was strapped into a backpack but I was lost between JD Sports on Above Bar and the bottom of the steps of Portland Terrace car park - probably along Portland Street.

#lostteddy, Build a Bear Fudge Pup

I had been strapped onto Rollercoaster Mum's backpack and they checked on me just by JD Sports then walked quickly down Portland Street, across Portland Terrace and down the stairs to level 2 of the car park where they realised I was missing - for anyone who knows Southampton this is a very short distance and they ran back straight away to look for me - going back up Portland Street less than 5 minutes later but I was gone. This all happened between about 1.15 and 1.30pm. They searched the Street 3 or 4 times and asked in all the close by shops but nobody had seen me. Please please please if you have seen me or picked me up please get in touch to return me. I can also be taken back to the Build a Bear shop in West Quay, Southampton as I have a tag inside me. We had been to Houndwell Park just before but they are pretty sure it was along Portland Street that they lost me.

I am very special for Little Miss as she got me on the very first day of the Olympics in 2012 when my family visited London and she got me from the Build a Bear shop in Hamleys as a very special treat. She takes me on all her holidays and she is very sad I am lost - she couldn't sleep last night because I wasn't on her bed.
This is me in her hand on the day she got me..

 You can contact Rollercoaster Mum by any of the buttons on the top right of this page - email, facebook, twitter etc if you have any news of me and the Rollercoaster's would be very grateful if you could share this story in case I can be found.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - N is for..

Well this is a bit embarassing, I haven't even been away and I completely forgot to post a #alphabetphoto for N and I even had the perfect word so I guess I had better get on with it! N is for my beautiful....

Nine year old

And here she is - she drives me nuts but I love her dearly! I could of course have posted loads but I will restrain myself to just a couple.

Blowing out candles
This was her birthday cake when she turned nine a few months ago.

#Leo9, Leopallooza Festival
Having fun at a rather wet Leopallooza Festival earlier this month

chilling in the hammock
Chilling in a friend's hammock
Too late to link up this week but do pop on over to the lovely PODcast to see what those less tardy than me posted for N in the The Alphabet Photography Project.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Billy Smart's Circus is coming to Town!

There is something eternally romantic and exciting about a circus - even these days and when I heard that the famous Billy Smart's circus (they have even performed in front of the Queen!) was coming to visit my home county of Hampshire very soon I had to know more. These days circus's are all about human performance (no animals thank you - it's really not fair on them) and the UK tour of Billy Smart's Circus sounds like it has some awesome performances including acrobatics, comedy, music, juggling and amazing aerial feats.

Billy Smart's Circus

The tour is hosted by Yasmine Smart (granddaughter of founder Billy, no less) and includes amazing performances from artistes like :

The Flying Aces - five youngsters on the flying trapeze, swinging and somersaulting through the air (eeek!)

The X-treme Brothers - three talented Romanian acrobats showing off amazing feats of balance (definitely not me after a couple of gins then!)

Alina Eskina - with her unique 'cube' routine (curiouser and curiouser)

Germaine Delbosq - foot-juggling on the back of a motorbike (the mind boggles!)

The Asadullin Troupe - all the way from Russia they use a seesaw to propel one another high in the air (thank goodness there's no seesaws at the local park)

Caroline - a high flying, solo trapeze star (respect is all I can say)

Jonny Bogino - whimsical Italian clown (there has to be one and thankfully he doesn't look too much like one - for anyone with clown fears) - but he is funny!

Indian Spirit - whirling bolas to the rhythm and beat of the drums (mental note to keep well clear!)

And all this complemented by a real live band - wow!

Anyhoo - down to the details. Billy Smart's Circus will be in Southsea Common from Thursday 21st to Sunday 31st August and Old Common in Basingstoke from Tuesday 2nd to Sunday 7th September. They do two performances a day and tickets start at £7 for kids and £9 for adults if you book online. For more information including performance times and prices and to purchase tickets visit their website - or phone the ticket and info line on 0113 2602444 or just do it the old fashioned way and visit the box office on site. Mind you they are so modern these days they even have a facebook page if you want to catch up on their latest news and see some pics.  Here is the poster for Southsea and I think the timings for Basingstoke are a bit different so you can still get to see them after school - no running away with them mind!

Poster for Billy Smart's Circus
Disclosure - I have been offered a family ticket for one performance for sharing these details with you (I am genuinely excited though!)
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