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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - L is for...

I haven't had a great deal of time at the moment so for this week's #alphabetphoto I am going for the easy option - L is for...


Ahhhh - no I'm not the soppy type, but I did have a great photo that I could use for this from when Rollercoaster Dad and I went to the Larmer Tree Festival (that's another L isn't it) the other week.

L is for Love, heart, Lostwood, Larmer Tree Festival

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

rainbow bubbles, #mysundayphoto

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 30

Yay - I made it this week! I think my posts may be a bit sporadic over the summer holidays so you'll have to bear with me. (Making up for it with this one being a bit photo heavy I'm afraid!) Last weekend Rollercoaster Dad and I headed off to the Larmer Tree Festival for a day and had the most fabulous time. We couldn't take the girls as they were still at school (didn't break up 'til Wednesday - sob!) They stayed at Grandma's and had fun making a festival wagon, whilst we joined them later in the weekend and all visited a kids fun day on the local park there.

The week itself has been mainly about cramming in as much work as possible before they break up along with a bikes and picnics at school and enjoying that scorching hot weather. The big news this week though is that we have finally got our allotments in the village after nearly four years of trying - although they don't yet look quite like the model I featured in a post about it a couple of years ago!

Beans on Toast, Garden Stage, Larmer Tree Festival
The awesome Beans on Toast on the fabulous Garden Stage at a sunny, sunny Larmer Tree Festival

Larmer Tree Festival, Flag Circle
The Flag Circle at the wonderful Larmer Tree Festival
chalk stream, freshwater trout
On the way home from Larmer Tree we stopped for a coffee in a lovely little town with a chalk stream running through it and we couldn't believe the size of the trout just hanging in the water - there were loads of them.

homemade Festival Wagon
Meanwhile the Misses were making their own festival wagon - they called her Rosie. She was very well used too! 

bright green Rose Chafer Beetle
We found this gorgeous beetle in Grandma's hydrangeas, I think he is a Rose Chafer Beetle
rainbow bubbles
Loved the giant bubbles they were creating at the kids fun day.

cat face-paint
Little Miss got her face painted too - a pretty little pink cat! 
allotment celebrations
At last we have our allotments - this has been a loooooong time coming. We have campaigned for nearly 4 years and this week we had our first night 'up the lottie''. There is a LOT of work to do before we get to grow anything but it still called for a celebratory beer! 
Tomatoes, sweetcorn, plums, Grow Your Own
Meanwhile our little garden is producing a few crops - we have signs of the first tomatoes, some sweetcorn and plums that are nearly ripe and I harvested redcurrants, blackcurrants and blueberries this week.

water fun in the garden
This week has mainly been about being scorching hot - proper summer weather so the water slide has been well used in the garden.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - K is for ....

I was pretty sure what I wanted to use as an #alphabetphoto for K, I just had to dig out a good photo - so apologies if you have seen this one before but K is definitely for.....


Bigger Miss got a kite from Santa a couple of years ago and we have had great fun flying it. Such a simple toy really but one which is so much fun and gives such a sense of achievement and satisfaction. I got Little Miss a kite recently too but we haven't had a chance to try it out yet, so here are some pictures of Bigger Miss from last year.

Traditional toys, flying a kite

lets go fly a kite

Flying a kite, Butser Hill

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

Peacock Butterfly

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