Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow? The Surprise Edition

Surprise - why surprise? Well to be honest I hadn't planned a garden post during the holidays, partly due to the lack of time and partly because the garden is in a bit of a lull stage. Things are growing but the spring flowers are mostly gone and the summer stuff hasn't really got started yet but as we were carless last week I spend a couple of days pottering around in the garden whilst the girls played and I just couldn't resist a few pictures.
stepped herb bed
First up is the herb bed which we put inlast year. I realise this doesn't look a lot different to when we first did it but it looked tatty over the winter, some thyme had dies, the parsley and sage had overgrown so I got to and gave it a bit of a face lift for the new growing year. The girls alpine strawberries are looking quite good too! 
garlic growing in raised bed
As far as our mini veg plot the only thing really growing a the moment is the garlic which I planted a few weeks ago. We have planted some peas, parsnips and broad beans out and these are beginning to poke through. We just have to hope the damned neighbourhood cats don't dig them up whilst pooing in our veg beds (something they seem to do regularly and is just gross) Anyone got any ideas how to keep cats out of the garden and away from our beds?? 

cherry and apple tree blossom
I couldn't resist some blossom pictures. The plum blossom is pretty much over but there is still some on the cherry (top left), the apple tree is just coming out (bottom right) and the Viburnam (I think that's what it is ) is also so pretty and smells gorgeous too. 
yellow daffodil flower
Most of the daffs are over now but this one was still looking lovely last week, nodding it's yellow head in the sun. 

pink Elephant's ears flowers, Bergenia Cordifolia, elephant-eared saxifrage
And out in the front garden a few things are happening to. We got this plant a couple of year's ago at the village plant sale. I vaguely knew it produced pink flowers but this is the first year we have had any and they are rather lovely. I have found out is called variously elephant-eared saxifrage, Elephant's Ears or Bergenia Cordifolia. 

shapes in nature, young Aquilegia leaves
I love the shapes and patterns you can find in nature - and along with my Silent Sunday tulip I took this - the leaf buds of an Aquilegia - beautiful. 
Bluebell flower bells
I love Bluebells in the woods but to be honest I'm not so keen in my garden as they spread everywhere - however these do look rather pretty in the front garden as long as I keep them under control.

drama inside a red tulip flower
And for those who haven't seen my Silent Sunday I couldn't resist reposting this one - the inside of a red tulip from our front garden - again amazing patterns in nature. (Sorry if you saw it on Sunday!)

Joining in as always with the awesome Mammasaurus and all the other lovely gardening peeps over at 'How Does my Garden Grow':

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

drama inside a red tulip flower

Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 15

The Easter holidays are here, although as we have been pretty much confined to barracks due to the car needing a new clutch (grrrrr) it hasn't always felt like the holidays. We did escape last Sunday, using Rollercoaster Dad's car to go bowling - the girls were very happy to beat Mummy if not Daddy. I have still been working so the girls have been with Dad or at friends some days but luckily the weather cheered up after Monday and even though we couldn't go anywhere much they have spent a lot of time playing outside and I have even managed to do a spot of gardening.

On Friday we finally had our freedom returned with the use of a courtesy car so we were able to go on our prearranged meet up with some old friends to Wilton House. This is a fab place for kids with a massive adventure playground and a gorgeous garden to explore. Today has been a quiet one though as Little Miss came down with a sick bug last night and is feeling rather sorry for herself. Still we haven't had one for a while so I guess it was due. I do hate vomit though - urghhh!

bowling a spare, MFA Bowl Chichester
Bigger Miss is action at the bowling alley - she even scored the odd strike and Little Miss discovered she could bowl without the guide thing (don't know what you call them!)

First camp of the year in the garden
Thankfully we've had some decent weather so even though we've had to stay at home the girls have had fun playing outside and we have had the first garden camp of the year! 

baby hands
One day we had a surprise visitor in the form of next door's baby  - we babysat her for a couple of hours much to the girls delight. She is gorgeous and really made me realise just how big my girls are now.
beautiful edible cherry blossom
In my wanderings around the garden I had to take some photos of the blossom on our edible cherry tree.

Fun at Wilton House garden, Salisbury
I love this one of my two and friends - looks like we posed them but we didn't. Wilton House is a great place for a day out and I took loads of photos so I really must do a separate post on it. 

For more half term fun head on over to the lovely the Boy and Me..

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Country Kids - Running wild on the Ranges

A couple of weeks ago when we had all the problems with the boiler and we were just fed up I dragged the girls out for a walk on one of our favourite haunts - the local army ranges. They weren't keen at first but I knew some fresh air would soon make us all feel much better. Little Miss was particularly miffed about being made to come but as you can see from the picture Mummy was right (as usual!!)

ranges in flood
This was the view from the top of 'Tank Hill' which we had only climbed at the insistence of Little Miss 'cause she wanted to see what it looked like from the top' - she's definitely my girl!  We were a bit worried by the rain clouds in the distance. 

shall we be Swallows and Amazons or in Narnia?
Making our way down the hill - at this point we were being 'Explorers' in the Swallows and Amazons! 

bright winter sunshine coming through the clouds
The bright late winter sun against the stormy clouds made for some cool pictures.

sandy play areas on the Heathland
Bigger Miss found a big patch of sand and Little Miss decided she was off to investigate too.

Natural sand pit to play
They decided they were going to make 'roads' in the sand with their feet.
A real live relief map in the giant sand pit.
The girls hard at work making a 'map' in the sand pit.

Meanwhile I was distracted by the sunlight on the trees and some fascinating lichen.

Rain clouds and sunshine in panorama
As I had just grabbed Bigger Miss's camera on the way out I took a couple of panoramic shots which we can only do on her camera. Loved this one with the sun and the rain and you can just see the girls playing in their sandpit. 

winter sun on the lake
Still dramatic sun through the clouds - but look how the lake has changed - gone from almost choppy to dead calm. 

big skys over the heathland.
There always seems to be such big skies over at the Ranges

Happy faces on our long walk
I think the walk did make them happy #Countrykids

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

pink Magnolia flowers


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