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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's a Wild & Windy Night - oooooh it's Halloween!

What a night for Halloween (or Hello-ween as Little Miss Sunshine says!) It is wild and windy out there and apparently there's a full moon - you can't tell 'cause of the rain.

We don't actually go a bundle on Halloween in our house as although I'm happy to have the trick or treaters knock at the door I have never, as yet, taken mine trick or treating. It's all a bit over the top in my humble opinion - we have once again succumbed to American consumerism gone mad. I remember dressing up and the odd Halloween party with apple bobbing and such like when I was a kid but dress ups were mainly homemade and other than a few pumpkins and toffee apples the shops didn't go to town. I don't really like trick or treating as it seems an entirely wrong message to send your kids that it's OK to knock on people's doors and just ask for sweets - errr at whatever other time would this be acceptable? (Probably just me but that's my opinion for what it's worth and I still have some sweets and treats ready.)

We did go to a Halloween party at the weekend and that was fun (even if I did regret the surfeit of red wine the next day!) and the village does their fireworks and bonfire every year as a Halloween one with pumpkin carving competitions and spooky music. This is all fine I just object to it being sooo consumerised.

Today I was at work until the middle of the afternoon anyway so a hurriedly carved pumpkin and making some Halloween fairy cakes (out of a packet) was about all that happened. They took it upon themselves to draw some pumpkins and make a lantern and the door was duly decorated for the (thankfully) few trick or treaters that make it to our end of the village. They still had fun though and I enjoyed halloween picmonkeying them a couple of weeks ago - mwahahahahaha!


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Monday, 29 October 2012

Macro Monday

Chinese lanterns


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    This week I have to admit to totally cheating with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. The idea is that you use new photos really but as I explained in my Project 52 I've hardly taken any photos this week - a combination of horrid miserable foggy wet weather and being really busy. One of the reasons I've been busy this week is that all the photos diappeared off our ipad which meant loads of time sorting thousands of photos to get them back. This did give me an opportunity to look through loads of my back catalogue of photos though so I've done a Scavenger Hunt through my old photos for this week's post. Here you go...
    1. Patterns
This is autumn fungi that we found on a recent walk - I am not sure what it is - possibly a puffball but whatever it is the patterns on it are amazing - like many patterns in nature.

      2. Machine
      Victoria Pendleton
      Machines was a tricky one but I found this taken at the local scarecrow festival back in June - the festival had an Olympic theme and this was Victoria Pendleton on a tractor!
      3. Signs or Logos
      This was a sign that we found in the woods above Bergen in Norway on our cruise there in August and although I have no idea what a sign in English was doing in Norwegian woods I loved the premise of the message.
       4. Rocks or Stones
      Isle of Wight
      This was a stone I photographed on our trip to the Isle of Wight at the beginning of the summer.

      5. Sparkle
      This is the only picture taken this week - some fireworks at our local village Halloween fireworks display - I didn't quite capture the sparkle but this was the best I could do!

      If you would like to see what other pictures people collected or would like to join in - pop on over to Rambling & Photos just click on the badge.

       Scavenger Hunt Sunday

      Sunday, 28 October 2012

      Silent Sunday

      mist on spiders web

      Saturday, 27 October 2012

      A Watery Week - Project 52 - Week 43

      On the photo front this week has been utterly crap - I have only taken 14 photos all week - that has to be the lowest number since I started this project (and 11 of them were of a spiders web!) Big fat fail.

      The reasons - life even more hectic than usual with photos being lost off the OH's precious ipad (I was in deep water for that one), playdates and trying to prepare for the local NCT sale this weekend. Why was it watery? Apart from me being in deepest doggy doo for the photo fiasco on the ipad (thankfully now fixed after many hours of fiddling around), the weather was just damp and horrible all week (where the hell has the sun gone - it must be on holiday) and one good watery thing - the girls both moved up a swimming level with Little Miss Sunshine moving up to the big pool - yay!

      The photo - well it has to be the swimming certificates of course! (bit dull I know but it's all I've got) Now for the weekend which is going to be even more hectic than the week (although hopefully more fun!) - See ya's!

      If you would like to see more of my little Photo Project take a peep here.
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