Rollercoaster Mum: #SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge


#SnapHappyBritMums Photo Challenge

Well it seems I have taken on another photo challenge - these blogging challenges can be a bit addictive! I think I'm probably slightly barmy - not enough time in the day as it is but this one seemed so easy I couldn't resist. 

One photo a day for the month of May using the prompts given over at Britmums. You don't even have to do a post on them - just tweet @BritMums or go on their facebook page but I have decided to do a post everyday as well! It can't possibly be as bad as NaBloPoMo can it? If you want to know more then click the badge above and I will be linking up my daily posts on this page too. 

May 1st - 1st thing in the morning 
May 2nd - pampering
May 3rd - School days
May 4th - tipple
May 5th - Blue
May 6th - View from above  
May 7th - Warmth 
May 8th - Best part of me
May 9th - Inside my fridge
May 10th - Blossoms  
May 11th - Frozen
May 12th - K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
May 13th - Guilty pleasure!
May 14th - Mirror Image
May 15th  - Fly the Flag 
May 16th - Smooth
May 17th - Boots 
May 18th - What's the weather like today?
May 19th - Your favourite smile
May 20th - A poster that catches your eye
May 21st - Music
May 22nd - Something that begins with A
May 23rd- Religion
May 24th - Water
May 25th - Something Old
May 26th - Supermarket
May 27th - Something you need for baby
May 28th - Macro Image
May 29th - Panorama
May 30th - Fruit
May 31st - Your blog

And here is the monthly prompt list in case you are curious:


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  1. Had a peek at yours on pinterest! Love the macro images and the effects you;ve used to highlight the theme!

    I have loved doing this! xx


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