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Sunday 31 August 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

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Wednesday 27 August 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - P is for...

There are some letters that you just know what you are going to use for the #alphabetphoto straight away and P was one of these and we say that P is for...


Peacocks are the most amazing birds and we were lucky enough to see wild ones in Sri Lanka a few years ago and they were a wonderful presence at the Larmer Tree Festival that Rollercoaster Dad and I went to in July, with one even dancing away on top of the stage whilst the bands were belting it out!

wild Peacock, about to display, Sri Lanka
wild Peacock captured in Sri Lanka - unfortunately his display was away from us mainly! 
Peacock sign for the Social, Larmer Tree Festival
The fabulous Peacock sign for the Social Tent at the Larmer Tree Festival

Peacock, Larmer Tree Festival
Peacock chilling out at the Larmer Tree Festival

Peacock dancing to Stornaway on the roof of the Garden Stage, Larmer Tree
Peacock dancing to Stornaway on the roof of the Garden Stage, Larmer Tree
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Sunday 24 August 2014

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

Friday 22 August 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 34

As soon as the girls were back last week we were in the usual whirlwind of activity, friends beer festivals, work, a fabulous day out to Mottisfont with the National Trust (they have a great Quentin Blakes kids trail on at the moment which I highly recommend), shopping and very very sadly losing favourite teddies. Anyways it's still summer hols so I don't have time to chat so on with the pictures...

Tortoiseshell Butterfly on Verbena Bonariensis
A lovely Tortoiseshell Butterfly was fluttering around the garden between showers

welly flowers
A friends adorable little girl admiring the wellies at the Beer Festival

change4life 10 minute shake up
When they have had a spare moment the girls have been inspired by the change4life 10 minute shake up campaign and this was Olaf's summer dance apparently! 
Quentin Blake, NT Mottisfont
We visited National Trust's Mottisfont to see the Quentin Blake exhibition and the girls did the Adventure Quest wher you get to write your own book and I have to say it was brilliant with fabulous play places and lots of imagination. I think it runs until 14th September - well worth a visit.

National Trust Mottisfont, a place for contemplation
I loved this bench at Mottisfont in one of the play areas, a quiet spot for contemplation

National Trust Mottisfont, having a rest
The girls having a rest on the Adventure Quest at Mottisfont and checking their books.

gate into walled garden, National Trust Mottisfont
The enticing gate into the enormous walled garden at Mottisfont - need to go back as I didn't have time to explore properly.

#lostteddy, #southampton
I know I have done a separate blog post on this but I had to put this in again as it has made us all very sad this week as we have lost Spencer - I know he is only a soft toy but he was very special so just in case you see him please let us know - he was lost in Southampton on Wednesday 20th August - his story is here.
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Thursday 21 August 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - O is for ...

mmm O - what the blazes do I do for O? All I can think about is 'orange' - I blame Blogger's logo! I think I am going to have to go back a couple of years and re post a couple of photos. So I say that O is for...


I was initially slightly cynical about the 2012 Olympics but Rollercoaster Dad was very excited and proceeded to pursue getting tickets with gusto and we are all glad that he did. We had two amazing Olympic days in London in 2012 and it is an experience that I certainly will never forget.

Wenlock, 2012 Olympic mascot
Meeting one of the Olympic mascots dotted around London - also the day we got Spencer the dog who we lost recently - very sad 

Beatbox 2012, Olympic rings
The Olympic rings outside the Beat Box - one of the Olympic Park venues

Olympic flame 2012
The fabulous 2012 Olympic torch in the Olympic stadium

2012 Olympic Park, Wenlock
Running with Wenlock, the Olympic mascot in the wonderful Olympic Park

For lots more O ideas go check out our lovely host on PODcast and her Alphabet Photography Project.

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