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Monday, 26 November 2012

Macro Monday

moss on a wall
wet moss on a wall after all the rain this week


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I didn't get around to posting last week as just too busy so I am determind to this week even if the photos aren't the best - and I am a little late again!

1. Home or Thankful
These are the papercraft homes that the girls and I made at the Family Art Workshop where I was very thankful to spend some rare quality time with them

2. In the Kitchen
5 root soup
In the kitchen making 5 root soup from our home grown (although small) Jerusalem Artichokes harvested last week

3. Couples
Our anniversary cards to each other on our anniversary today - a celebration that we are still a couple!

4. Bubbles
Bubbles from the washing up bowl - which I seem to have seen a lot of this weekend after lots of cooking (also in the kitchen!)

5. Trees
oak leaves
Wet leaves that have fallen from the trees in their thousands the last few days with all the wet and windy weather we have been having here in the UK.
If you would like to see what other pictures people collected or would like to join in - pop on over to Rambling & Photos just click on the badge.
 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Silent Sunday

autumn garden

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Postman has been bringing me pictures!

I have been a lucky girl this week - not only have I received chocolate but also a beautiful canvas picture of the girls. I was thrilled a couple of weeks ago to be offered a canvas of one of my pictures to review. I had seen photo on canvas on friends walls but they had all been from professional photo shoots and I had never had the confidence that one of my snaps might look good like this.

Now I had the opportunity to try. The most difficult part was choosing the photo - you may have realised by now that I do take rather a lot of photos! The question was did I choose a macro flower type shot, a view or a picture of the girls? I plumped for one of the girls as I reckoned if we didn't like it there would be a grandparent who did!  I didn't want a picture of them posing for a photo, I wanted a more natural picture so I thought of one that I had featured in a blog post a few months ago which had been taken in Cornwall. We had had a lovely time there, it is a picture of happy memories - and for once they are not arguing - even holding hands!

The original photo

Choosing - that was the difficult bit - now for the easy bit. The process is really simple. Just go on to the HelloCanvas website, upload your chosen photo, select the size you want, indicate where you want it cropped if necessary or you can leave it to Hello Canvas. You then have a few more options to choose from like size of the print that you want, whether you want it in black and white or whether you want a frame rather than just the 'floating frame'. You are given the chance to review it before you order it and then you press the order button and that's it - simples!

Our canvas was delivered within two days and it was safely and securely packed in bubble wrap and a perfect fit cardboard box. It is ready to hang as it is and one concern of mine that it might fade in the sun was put to rest when I checked the website as they are printed in UV resistant ink which does not fade. Here are the results - you can see they have cropped out the hosepipe and made the girls more central.
photo on canvas
The final result
The canvas itself seems well made and relatively sturdy with the colours showing as true to the original. It is clear and not at all pixelated despite the cropping. We were sent a 20 x 28 inch which normally retails for £37 including shipping costs and I think is a bargain for the size of picture that you get. You can also get smaller ones starting at 8 x 8 inch for £13 - I have a plan forming - I might try to order 3 of my flowers and have a collection on the wall! These also make affordable gifts for friends and family - a great idea with Christmas coming up. All in all a great product with quick and efficient service. Thank you Hello Canvas for my early Christmas pressie!

If you would like to order one of these fab canvases I have a discount code for 5% off  - just quote LBMAR2012 - this can be used in conjunction with other promotions and currently has no expiration date.

Up on the wall - although this may not be it's final resting place!
 Disclosure: I was sent a photo canvas for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

Time for some Family Art - Project 52 - Week 47

I nearly blogged about the rain (again) - when will it ever stop? It seems to have been raining without much letup all year. However it's hardly news and I am so bored by it. Taking photos in the rain and wind is tricky and I have not been inspired (or had much time!)

Bizarrely I decided to go to school to spend some quality time with my children. It is hard to do this at home at the moment as every moment is spent catching up on chores (and the odd blog post!). The school advertised a Family Art Workshop and although Little Miss Sunshine was officially too young for it in Reception they let her in as long as I was there. I didn't really know what to expect but it was actually really good fun. Yes I did have to help youngest quite a lot but there was still plenty that she could do.Most importantly for the girls I was not trying to do anything else at the same time and I was actually joining in. It helped that I didn't need to stress about the mess either - glitter all over the floor - who cares - it was the school floor not mine and I am sure their floor is used to it!

Although this was only an hour or so out of our week it was a very important hour. Here is what the group made - a little street of colourful, sparkly houses as individual as their creators - I thought they were rather fabulous and it really was fun!!

Family Art Workshop

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