Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in Photos - Weeks 23 and 24


Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Weeks 23 and 24

I have no valid excuses for missing last week - we haven't been on holiday, we haven't been ill, we haven't even been busier than usual. I have simply lost the motivation to either blog or even take photos for a while. My trusty camera which mostly comes everywhere with me has been mostly left at home. I think I was just tired and photoed out after half term and it is harder to sit at a laptop when the sun is shining. My mojo is gradually coming back and my poor neglected blog will get some love again. In the meantime this is a bit of what we've been up to since I last posted: (not the best photos as some were taken on my 'phone and have been Instagramed!)

view from the Big Wheel, Chessington World of Adventures
On the last Sunday of half term we headed off to Chessington for two days - we had a fab time but not many opportunities to take photos on those big rides! 
fluffy baby Blackbird
We spotted a baby Blackbird ( I think) outside on the patio one morning.

We were very excited to receive a YUU bag to review - we haven't posted yet but the girls love it! 

Plant Sale at the Village Hall
A bored Little Miss captured by an equally bored Bigger Miss at our Plant Sale last weekend. Despite heavy thunderstorms and a bad turnout we did manage to raise some money for our propose allotments. We all enjoyed the BBQ social that followed though and lets just say Sunday was a fairly lazy day! 
Gardening for the summer, hanging baskets and containers
With the flurry of plants and planting at the weekend I thought I really should (belatedly) get some bedding plants and plant up at least a couple of hanging baskets and containers and these were the results.

We welcome Baby Oleg #ComparetheMeerkat
The girls were ridiculously over excited to get a baby Oleg meerkat (courtesy of my boss) - I have even had to make him a blanket!! 
Grow Your Own, raspberries and strawberries
The first harvest of our own strawberries and raspberries this year - yum! 
Whiskered Bat about to be released
Just before we went to Chessington we rescued a bat and it has been nursed back to health by a Bat Carer who brought it back to release it on Friday night. It is a Whiskered Bat and the girls were very excited to be allowed to stay up late to see the release. You can read all about it here.

#WorldGinDay, G&T
And yesterday was #WorldGinDay - hurrah an excuse for a G & T! 

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  1. cheers to world gin day! That ride at Chessinton looks a bit 'high' blimey !! good shot of it though. the back pack looks amazing and perfect for school with all of its compartments. i remember finding a bat once and taking it to a rescue centre locally when i was a teenager! anyway, glad to see you back this week x

  2. Oh no, I didn't even know it was world gin day - I'll have to make up for it today! That ride looks fun!!

  3. That looks like one BIG big wheel - what a fantastic shot. The baby bird made me chuckle - it looks very serious! And your soft fruit harvest looks very tasty :)

  4. Yesterday is officially my favourite day, love World Gin Day (and World Whisky Day!) Great pictures, and wow the big wheel went high! x #project365

  5. wow you have been busy! how cute is that bat!! i love nothing more than a plant sale it looks like that one was fab x

  6. Who needs excuses to drink gin :) a great photo of the girls together. Very interesting about the bat.but kind of unnerving too.


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