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Friday, 4 July 2014

YUUbag review - another reason we can't wait to go on holiday!

It seems like I may be the only person in the world that hasn't heard of the YUUbag as not only did they win Deborah Meaden's support on Dragon's Den they are also advertised on Nickelodeon (apparently). As I rarely have time to watch Dragon's Den I hadn't seen that and we only have the standard free kids channels in the UK so the girls hadn't seen the ads. However this didn't stem the excitement when one landed on our doorstep the other week. There were squeals of excitement (and surprisingly not too much arguing) as they explored every inch of it, tried it on, put things in and out of pockets and blew the whistle.

reflectors on YUUbag MUUV
First look at the YUUbag MUUV - great colours and you can see the reflector strips and circles
Anyway if you are like me and have never heard of the YUUbag then let me tell you a little bit about it.

They have been designed and created by two mums who knew what they (and their kids) wanted from a bag. It needed to be lightweight and healthy for kids backs, with reflective bits for those dark winter days and yet fun, brightly coloured with loads of pockets for stashing all those secret bits and pieces. I would say they have been pretty successful in their aims.

Backcare YUUbag MUUV
the YUUbag has been designed in line with Backcare reccomendations. You can also see the side pockets here - one for a water bottle - another for a snack maybe! 
It comes in two sizes - the original YUU bag designed for ages 7- 12 that comes in five bright designs and the Yuutuu which is more suitable for younger kids of age 3-6 and comes in two colourways. You can even get matching lunchbags and other accessories. We got sent the MUUV design which was perfect for my two - a pale blue/turquoise background (Big Miss's favourite colour) and enough pink and purple to keep Little Miss happy.

features and what you get in a YUUbag
All the features of the YUUbag summarised

Inside a YUUbag MUUV
Inside the YUUbag with all the goodies, pockets and desk area on display
Along with the ergonomically designed back and straps there is a chest strap with a whistle - which the kids loved but may drive me potty! It does have a serious point though as if it is done up correctly they can blow the whistle (also a good safety feature I guess) and as I found out on a recent school trip with Little Miss a bag with a chest strap works so much better, is more supportive and comfortable. Little Miss was one of the few kids who had a backpack on with a chest strap(not the YUUbag but another one) and I would say 80 or 90% of the kids on the trip had badly fitting,awkward bags and it drove the parent helpers and teachers potty. They had to carry them all day but they were constantly falling off or the kids were moaning about them and it obviously distracted them from the trip itself. Anyway I digress slightly! The YUUbag not only works as a bag but also a fold down desk when out and about, in a car or on a plane. It also comes with a free YUUfun pack which includes paper, pencils, snakes and ladders, keyring and a membership card to YUUclub which is an online resource with games, competitions and activities.

desk feature in car YUUbag MUUV
The YUUbag in the car strapped to the seat so it can be used as a desk.

as modelled by kids YUUbag MUUV
The girls modelling the YUUbag - it does look a bit big for Little Miss but she is only 6 (albeit a largish 6) and it is designed for 7-12 year olds.
What we thought:

Mummy - I think it is a great bag for weekends away, holidays or sleepovers as they can fit in some books, colouring, paper, electronic tablets and stuff as well as a couple of items of clothing, a teddy, snack etc. We have tested it in the car and with the chest strap it can be strapped around the front seat to be used as a desk which is great. I would say that although it is billed as a school bag it would be a bit big to use as a school bag, though the ergonomic back would be great for carrying it to and from school. I think I have seen somewhere that they are looking into designing a specific school bag which would be great as it is excellent quality. There has obviously been a lot of thought put into the design and they have got the comfy back thing just right. I like the material - much better than all those Disney, Hello Kitty, 1D things whilst still being funky. Overall a fab kids bag, a little pricey (rrp is £43)but you do get what you pay for and I am looking forward to seeing the school bag design. The main thing is the kids love it!

The girls - We love our YUUbag, it is in our favourite colours and there are so many exciting pockets. There is even a secret pocket! We found it - can you? (It took Mummy ages!!) We love that we can put loads of stuff to do in it when we go away and it also fits in a couple of teddies and a snack. The desk bit is really useful as it gives us something to lean on to write or do drawing and we love the matching detachable pencil case inside. The basket bit is really useful too as it stops our bits and pieces falling out when we are using it as a desk. It looks heavy but it isn't and it is really comfy to carry and we like blowing the whistle. We think it is the best bag ever!

The scary thing is they will have to share it - eeek!

If you want to check out more details or buy a YUUbag then head on over to YUUworld. They can also be found on facebook and twitter.

Disclosure: We were sent a YUUbag MUUV by Fuelmyblog for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. A little while back, my son was absolutely desperate for one of these for school. I decided it was impractical for use as a school bag but really fun for travelling with. It's also a little bit pricey I feel but great as a birthday present. He still hasn't gone one....!

  2. I'm with you having nevercheard of them before reviewing one. Yes they're pricy but theyre good and comfortable to wear and should last. Love the colours on your one. We have thesmaller size and the colourways are limited

  3. I've never heard of them before.I wonder why they are so pricey? I'm looking for a backpack that would suite my 6 year old but within the £20 range.What a shame :(

  4. Wow, the inside of the bag looks amazing!
    And I love the shape of it.
    It looks really pretty as a whole.

  5. This is great and so versatile. I hadn't heard of Yuu either so thanks for sharing on #britmumsreviews.

  6. These bags are not good quality and simply do not last. Better off buying a much cheaper bag as £42 for this is crazy expensive for something that broke after 6 months. I purchased two of these for each of my children and after 6 months the strap on my sons bag had completely broken and my daughters bag is starting to fray so she has stopped using it. There are quality issues! I wrote a complaint, although it was out of warranty and they were not willing to even take a look or offer a repair. I have read that other parents have had the same issue with the YUU Bag.

    1. Seriously dude there awesome you are such a hater


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