Rollercoaster Mum: End of an era (and shhh - some sunshine!) - 52 Photo Project - Week 29


Saturday, 21 July 2012

End of an era (and shhh - some sunshine!) - 52 Photo Project - Week 29

I know what I want to talk about this week but I still don't know what to use as the picture. This week was Little Miss Sunshine's last ever week at nursery school before she heads off to 'big school' in September. I am more sad about this than she is - she cannot wait to be a schoolgirl like her big sister but I will miss the lovely village nursery where they do a superb job and they have looked after both my girls so well over the years. It is also a sign of course that my 'baby' is growing up  - as second and last child she will always be my baby and unlike the first you just never want them to grow up too quickly, savouring every moment in the knowledge that it all passes too too quickly. I am also looking forward to her going to school as I know she will love it and I will have more time ( a very precious commodity - especially for working mums!)

It was also Little Miss Star's last week in Infants. She will be a Junior next year but this seems less momentous as our school is a Primary School with little obvious differentiation between Infants and Juniors. It is nonetheless another step on the inevitable road of growing up.

The trouble is how do I represent this in pictures? We do have some but they are private memories, so I have decided instead to celebrate the other significant change this week - the weather. I have seen the sunshine - yes I have - do you remember that warm yellow thing in the sky. OK it hasn't been sunny every day and it hasn't exactly been that warm but at least it's not flipping raining (as much) and the weather forecast is actually for sun and warmth - hooray! Cheering up just in time for the summer holidays and the Olympics.

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  1. A beautiful photo. Doesn't the sun make such a difference both to the environment and how you feel? And don't they grow up fast?

  2. Wow, oh wow. I love this picture: quintessentially British, and the sun is shining too :D

  3. Lovely image. I have one going off to proper school after the holidays too - every time I think about it I get all teary. Such a big step x

  4. What a Summery shot, lovely :)

    I have the opposite thing - the time is swiftly approaching that my eldest will START nursery and I know she will love it but I don't want her to grow up so fast!!

  5. Love the picture - such vibrant colours. Can imagine how you must feel. My second and youngest starts his last year at nursery from the Autumn - goes to school next year. But I feel time is slipping by so quickly.

  6. Wow that is such a beautiful photo, the colours are incredible! The moving on and up is always a funny time; you know they have to do it but it doesn't mean you have to like it!

  7. Lovely photo - reminds me that I want to do a countryside walk near us when the sun is shining - it's got lots of fields like this too.

  8. I love the colours in this photo, how did you get the flowers all so vibrant?

  9. Lovely summery photo which definitely captures the mood. Good luck to both girls as they move up to the next stage! All 3 of mine are moving up in september, big one to key stage 2, princess to start school, and wee one to start nursery. I'm going to be a weeping wreck!

  10. love the colour of th flowers, so bright and vibrant, and that sun is just stunning, cheating but stunning.

  11. Poppies are so bright and cheerful, love them. Symbolic of your daughters' growth as well.

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