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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

See it Snap it Love it - Candid

Ahh candid camera! The trouble is as the girls get older it is harder and harder to get candid pictures of them. They always notice that camera in your hand and start to pose and do silly smiles (if I'm lucky) or just frown and look sulky (if I'm not!)

A candid photograph by the way is (according to wikipedia) a photograph that is made either without the subject's knowledge or without their explicit permission, hence they are captured unposed.

I have chosen this picture taken on our trip to Cornwall at half term. It wasn't that warm a day and rather windy so the beach was ruled out and we went to Boscastle where the girls could still get their feet wet! They look like I want them to be rather than what they are like normally (shouting and arguing with each other) and yet they didn't realise I was taking the picture.

To see more candid camera snaps head on over to Dear Beautiful Boy by clicking on this image. Next weeks theme is Nature (lots of pics for that one - better get choosing now!)


  1. This is such a beautiful capture!

  2. Aw that's a beautiful photo of the girls xx

  3. Oh gorgeous candid photo, do join me on Country Kids too.

  4. Awwww, I just love this photo. I love how they are so natural and just strolling in the water holding hands. Thanks for linking it up. X

  5. What a lovely moment you captured there x

  6. I struggled to get a candid shot of Bob and she's only 13 months. Dread to think what she'll be like when she's older! Lovely photo! x


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