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Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas! - Project 52 - Week 52

Well who would have thought it - I did it, we did it if I think of all the fellow bloggers that made it to the end - 52 weeks and not one missed - although it was close at times!

And what a year - we have lost loved ones, I have become employed again, we have celebrated the amazing Diamond Jubilee and the even more amazing and fantastic Olympics, stayed in a yurt, gone on a cruise, visited a glacier, had big birthdays and smaller but no less significant birthdays, my little one is now a big schoolgirl and my bigger one has attained the dizzy heights of Juniors, the veg crop and all things garden failed miserably and we have had more rain than we ever thought possible. I will be saying goodbye to the 2012 with a certain amount of sadness but who knows what 2013 may bring - let us hope it brings some smiles and happiness to many people. I may even continue with another Project 52 for another year - but I haven't quite decided yet.

In the meantime here is my last picture for 2012 and we have come full circle as of course the most important event this week was Christmas! We spent Christmas at my Mums with the rest of the family as this felt right after the loss of my dear step-father earlier this year. This was the first time we had spent Christmas Eve there in many years and so the first the girls had hung their stockings by the big fireplace. (I'm pretty sure they both still believe too and I will do pretty much anything to make sure that continues for as long as possible.) I hope you all had a lovely and happy Christmas and here's to 2013 bringing much joy and happiness (and hopefully a bit more sunshine!)

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  1. They look adorable, long may the magic continue!

  2. That is a really great photo to finish with. Well done on making it through!

  3. They look like little cherubs :) great capture of the excitement!

  4. what a great photo for home made cards next year. what beautiful girls and long may the magic last.

  5. Gorgeous seasonal photo and a very impressive fireplace to hang your stocking by.
    Congratulations on completing your 365 project and here's to a fulfilling and exciting 2013 x

  6. Love your fireplace it looks reaaly Christmassy. Happy New Year. Well done on completing Project 366 x

  7. Aww what a lovely photo to end on! Well done you on completing this project and what a year it has been for you
    Happy new year xx

  8. Well done for finishing and what a lovely photo! Very Christmassy. xx


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