Rollercoaster Mum: I've been told that Cleaning Fairies really do exist!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I've been told that Cleaning Fairies really do exist!

Yes they really do - well I think they do - I am now expecting a visit from them in a week or so. They have been booked in care of Cleaning Gift Vouchers. Now I accept this isn't quite as magical as them just turning up and doing the cleaning for you whilst you're asleep - but that would be a fairy story wouldn't it?

However if it works as well as they say it will my oven will be sparkling clean and bright just in time for Santa's visit down the chimney. I have been lucky enough to be given a voucher to allow this to happen - yippeeeeee! ( I am more excited than I should be about this!) I have wanted my oven cleaned properly for years and years but just never been able to justify the expense. Anyone who I know who has ever had it done has always said it is a magical transformation and just like getting a new oven (squeeee - can't wait!) However I do hope those fairies know what they're letting themselves in for - my oven is filthy - really horribly dirty! In fact it is soo horrid I refuse to take a picture of it so here is a picture of a cleaning fairy instead! I will let you know how they get on.

In the meantime if you would like to treat a loved one or yourself to some cleaning fairy magic then Cleaning Gift Vouchers will sort it all out (they don't just do ovens!) The site seemed pretty easy to use and you can choose to print a voucher out or have it emailed. My only gripe was that when I purchased an add on to my voucher code I wasn't sent an automatic email to say the purchase had gone through straight away (but this could have been a glitch in the system.) Once your voucher is purchased they call or email you to arrange a convenient time and if you have to call them back then waiting time on the 'phone was short. You will have to wait until part 2 to find out if the fairies themselves are any good though! (Oh and currently the service is only available in the south-east.)

Disclosure: For the purposes of review I was provided with a voucher sufficient for 3 hours cleaning or cleaning a single oven but all words and opinions are my own.


  1. OMG - now THAT'S the kind of review I'd like to do!! I have this little fantasy where I can actually see through the glass door of my oven ...

    1. I can't at the moment but shhhh don't tell the fairies that or they might not come!

  2. You are so fortunate to have the cleaning fairies. Enjoy your newly cleaned oven in time for the holidays :-) Perhaps one of the fairies will fly my way!

  3. My teenager really does believe in cleaning fairies - although they tend not to visit since she's gone to Uni she's discovered!!! :)


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