Rollercoaster Mum: Our Recycled Snowman - Project 52 - Week 48


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Our Recycled Snowman - Project 52 - Week 48

I am finding it really hard to blog at the moment so I'll keep it short. We have been manically busy just keeping up with life this week - dentists, playdates, usual clubs, delivering leaflets, cooker breaking, trying and failing to prepare for birthdays and Christmas.

We have accomplished just one thing - our recycled junk snowman (complete with green Blue Peter badge) as our entry for the school snowman scarecrow competition. He's not wonderful but we did our best (after much swearing on my part as to why the hell I entered the effing comp in the first place - I hate craft and making things - what was I thinking?!) Here he is - perhaps you could name him for us? All suggestions in the comment box below please!!

snowman scarecrow

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  1. What a great snowman scarecrow and well done on achieving your green blue Peter badge!
    Maybe name him Roly after your blog name? Plus he is round! X

  2. He is rather round isn't he! Too many snowballs!!

  3. I think he is marvellous and looks like he was made with a lot of love :-)
    I like Jenny's suggestion: Roly!

  4. He's a fabulous snowman, love it!

    Thanks for linking up


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