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Friday, 6 June 2014

D Day - We will remember them

70 years on and I think our soldiers deserve to be remembered so here in my little corner of the internet I am remembering in two of my favourite and most powerful ways with a poem and a photograph. We should always remember them.

I Stand Here Now
by Tony Chapman

I stand here now
Amongst ... brave men
With whom ... I've stood before
The last time ... when we landed
On June 6th of '44
Back then ... we were all young men
Eighteen or little more
Their lives ... cut short ... that morning
On this distant ... windswept shore
I stand here now ... and wonder
What would they ... have become
Had they survived ... that morning
Their lives ... allowed full run
One thing ... I know ... for certain
Of which ... there is ... no doubt
These brave young men
My pals ... from then
Would be ... old
White haired ... with wrinkled brow
Just like me ...
As I stand here .. now. 

We will remember them, D Day poppy

And lastly a quote from the Kohima Epitaph:

" When you go home, tell them of us and say, 
for their tomorrow, we gave our today"

We will remember them.


  1. 70 year ago? Amazing. What a moving and powerful poem :)

  2. Lovely poem, and apt for today's celebrations for D Day

  3. Gorgeous poem, such a moving day of remembrance

  4. Such a moving poem, and I love the quote, so powerful x

  5. A beautiful poem, such a poignant time to remember and reflect x

  6. So sad that so many people lost their lives.

  7. Lovely poem. It's so important that we take the time to remember what these young men did for us to have the lives we have today. Puts a lot of things into perspective really...

  8. This is so beautiful and moving. It is still hard to believe just how many lives were lost on this day and so humbling. As you say we owe so much to these young men and must never forget the sacrifice they made for us.

  9. Young people of today do not remember, some even have no idea what D Day was :-(


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