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Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - J is for...

Now, what could the #alphabetphoto for J be for in our house I wonder? Jelly, jigsaws, juice - oh no it just has to be J for...


Jam is second only to honey as the food of choice for Little Miss and if she approves of this particular batch of Mummy's homemade jam then it probably tops it. She is partial to Strawberry but has recently discovered a love for Gooseberry Jam made with our crop of gooseberries from the garden.  I don't profess to be a master jam-maker but it generally turns out OK and I it certainly gives you a certain sense of satisfaction to produce jars of sticky, delicious goodness from a pile of fruit, especially if it was home-grown too.

Strawberry Jam - homemade

Linking up with the lovely PODcast and her Alphabet Photography Project.


  1. Cool home made jam get you I'll put my order in lol #alphabetproject

  2. Home grown jam is the absolute best! Yours looks super scrummy :) Fruit is so expensive in the supermarkets that it isn't worthwhile to make your own unless you can grow your own fruit, I think. #alphabetphoto


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