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Monday, 2 April 2012

Helping the Bees - join in with a bit of social buzzzzing!

We love honey in the Rollercoaster house - especially Little Miss Sunshine who adores it and more often than not starts the day with toast and honey and finishes it with her favourite pudding of 'white yoghurt' (plain greek yoghurt) and honey.

We're also rather keen on bees. As gardening folk we know that without the bees not only would we not have honey we wouldn't get all our lovely fruit and veg from the garden unless the flowers are pollinated by the bees and other busy buzzy things. Both the girls knew where honey came from from an early age even though we don't keep bees. (They are on the wish list, along with a pig, but we just don't have the space in our rather small garden!) We did manage to take a couple of pictures of bees in our garden in the recent sunny weather though but I'm not too good on identifying exact bee species!

possibly a honey bee
The people over at Rowse Honey also love bees (of course!) and they are launching a campaign to celebrate and help bees with all their busy work by planting thousands of bee-friendly plants around by the UK, powered by some social media buzz. They are asking people to write on their facebook wall or tweet them with the message 'Thanks #BusyBees' with a message of why you want to thank the bees, why you love honey or your favourite ways to eat honey. Every tweet or comment will get a personalised bee friendly lavender plant planted in your honour and you will even get a photo of your message with your plant. The 5000 plants with their special messages will be sent out to community gardens across the UK.

What better way to help out the bees who have had a hard time of it of late with declining numbers of bee friendly flowers being planted, pesticides affecting their colonies and deadly viruses, they really do need all the help we can get.

The BBC did a great series recently with Sarah Raven called Bees, Butterflies and Blooms and she is also on a mission to get Britain Buzzing. Sarah is very serious about bees as she believes that without them our food security could be under threat as they are vital to the production of most of our fruits and vegetables. So do your bit and send a tweet or a facebook message now and you will have been responsible for one more bee friendly plant being planted (and you don't even need to get your fingers dirty!!)

Rowse's website is also a mine of information on all things bee and honey related with craft ideas for kids, recipes and even a great little information download for teachers. If you want to teach your kids more about bees and honey one of the best books we found was The Beeman by Barefoot Books which is a great little story that also teaches you all about bees and how they make their honey.

possibly a bumble bee
Please help the bees by visiting Rowse's facebook page and if you can, go one better and plant your own bee friendly plants or even keep some bees if you have the space ( I fancy an Omlet Beehaus to go with our Omlet Eglu!). Right, I'm off now to send my message to the bees - what will your message be?

Disclaimer: I was asked to participate in this campaign but I have not received any money or any form of payment to do so.

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