Rollercoaster Mum: Weekday Quickie - A Homage to Picnik


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Weekday Quickie - A Homage to Picnik

Due to Picniks demise this week I thought I would do a collage of my Picnik photos to remember it by as my Weekday Quickie this week. There are photo editing sites out there I know but Picnik was my first true photo editing love and I did love it so. So here it is - my homage to Picnik - a collection of wonderfully blinged up snaps.

One has to move on of course and I have been flirting with a few other photo editing sites and they all have some good stuff going on. 

First I tried Photobucket which has some great editing stuff but is rather slow and full of ads. The best I have found so far is Picmonkey which I believe has been started by peeps from Picnik and is reassuringly familiar and easy to use as well as very cool looking. It is just missing a few of the editing options that Picnik had - I have high hopes of Picmonkey and I am pretty sure that it will be my replacement Picnik. Lastly I have briefly tried the Aviary app on facebook which seemed pretty simple to use to but I haven't really explored it enough yet.I am sure there are loads more out there - does anyone else have any hot tips on great photo editing sites? (I'd love to try Instagram but don't think I can as I don't have a fancy 'phone!)

RIP Picnik and long live Picmonkey!


  1. I too worship at the alter of PicMonkey!

  2. Ah good to know about Pic Monkey. I always really liked that photo of your boiler for some reason..!

    1. It's my favourite too - weird but wonderful!

  3. Wow I love that collage, it's fab! I never really got into Picnik as I tend to use phone apps to edit mine, but I may well look at Picmonkey when I've got a few minutes x


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