Rollercoaster Mum: Lost Teddy in Southampton - Please Help to Find Me


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lost Teddy in Southampton - Please Help to Find Me

Hello my name is Spencer and Little Miss and the Rollercoaster family lost me yesterday - Wednesday 20th August in Southampton. I was wearing denim dungarees and a check shirt like in this photo but I didn't have my hat on. I am a Build a Bear Fudge Pup - basically a chocolate brown puppy with white/cream patches and  I was strapped into a backpack but I was lost between JD Sports on Above Bar and the bottom of the steps of Portland Terrace car park - probably along Portland Street.

#lostteddy, Build a Bear Fudge Pup

I had been strapped onto Rollercoaster Mum's backpack and they checked on me just by JD Sports then walked quickly down Portland Street, across Portland Terrace and down the stairs to level 2 of the car park where they realised I was missing - for anyone who knows Southampton this is a very short distance and they ran back straight away to look for me - going back up Portland Street less than 5 minutes later but I was gone. This all happened between about 1.15 and 1.30pm. They searched the Street 3 or 4 times and asked in all the close by shops but nobody had seen me. Please please please if you have seen me or picked me up please get in touch to return me. I can also be taken back to the Build a Bear shop in West Quay, Southampton as I have a tag inside me. We had been to Houndwell Park just before but they are pretty sure it was along Portland Street that they lost me.

I am very special for Little Miss as she got me on the very first day of the Olympics in 2012 when my family visited London and she got me from the Build a Bear shop in Hamleys as a very special treat. She takes me on all her holidays and she is very sad I am lost - she couldn't sleep last night because I wasn't on her bed.
This is me in her hand on the day she got me..

 You can contact Rollercoaster Mum by any of the buttons on the top right of this page - email, facebook, twitter etc if you have any news of me and the Rollercoaster's would be very grateful if you could share this story in case I can be found.

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