Rollercoaster Mum: How does Grandma's Garden grow? the Winter Edition


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How does Grandma's Garden grow? the Winter Edition

Our garden really is just a muddy, mossy, soggy, depressing mess - there are a couple of spring flowers peeping their heads through but they really don't provide enough photo opportunities for an even vaguely interesting post. Hence we are back in Grandma's garden for a winter visit. We had a wee sojourn at her house at half term after she had kindly looked after the girls when we were off dancing the night away to Frank Turner (there seems to be a theme to our visits here !) It's not quite as colourful as in the summer but it still looks a damn site better than ours!

pink winter cyclamen
There are tubs of pretty pink winter cyclamen (when I tried growing them they all got eaten by the sodding slugs)

wall grown variegated ivy
This rather magnificent old ivy got blown down in the storms before Christmas and this is all that is left now it has been neatened up. 

leaf bud - Hydrangea
OK - so not the clearest photo but a pretty Hydrangea leaf bud in the sunshine all the same.

a flurry of snowdrops
A  positive flurry of snowdrops.

sunshine yellow crocus #springflowers
Some sunny yellow crocuses (or is it croci!)

delicate white snowdrop flowers
More of those pretty, delicate snowdrops

Male (Daddy) Blackbird with red berries
Mr. Blackbird checking out the bird table - it had lost it's roof in the storms but he didn't care! 

Winter veg - leeks and celeriac
There's even still some great looking veggies - one lone celeriac and a few leeks.

hybrid Hellebore flower
And just look at this gorgeous hellebore flower - I do love the Hellebores at this time of year. Another slightly fuzzy close up I'm afraid - struggling slightly with the macro pics on my new camera! 

candy pink Camellia flower
I didn't expect to see the Camellias in flower - beautiful. Did you know that Camellias are related to the tea plant?

yellow primroses, spring flowers
And lastly the primroses - another wonderful spring flower. 
So that was Grandma's garden in the winter - not quite as pretty as summer but a darn site better than mine. Hope you are all surviving the mud and floods. For lots more garden love head on over to Mammasaurus:

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Spectacular photos and the colours are just wonderful. Aaron just picked up daisies on his way back from nursery just now and it quite literally made my day xx

  2. I've got 2 hydrangeas in my new garden and I'm so excited to see what colour flowers I get this year!
    I can't wait to be joining in back in with How Does Your Garden Grow. I feel I've been stuck in the house far too long and I need to get out in the garden now :)

  3. I adore snowdrops! Really lovely pictures, Grandma has a lovely garden x

  4. Lovely photos - especially the snowdrops! I have always loved snowdrops :)

  5. Spring is definitely coming in Grandma's garden!

    We have a communal garden but sadly it is basically some washing lines and a couple of patches of grass, no flowers to be seen. :(

  6. This is beautiful.
    Grandma is like my dad - He loves his garden. I can admit that I do not have my dads green fingers unfortunately.
    Maybe when I was younger with my mud pies haha.
    Love the pink winter cyclamen they look like orchids my fav.

    Thanks for sharing hunny

    Lotte xo

  7. The colours and life in that garden are absolutely amazing for February! Beautiful x

  8. Oh beautiful flowers already in the garden!! I have been taking pics in my garden..really should get a post up

  9. Why is it that Grandparents gardens seem to still look beautiful whatever the weather throws at them - cannot wait for mine to dry out a bit so I can sort it out.

  10. Very pretty things :) Our garden is definitely not fit to be shown on the internet right now!

  11. These snowdrops look amazing!
    For some reason I have/ had none this time round

  12. isn't it funny how grandparents gardens always seem to be great, regardless of weather?

  13. Lovely photos. I love all the spring flowers especially crocuses and snowdrops. X

  14. our garden needs some loving this year, starting to look a little tatty. shouldn't really as it's so small but it suddenly seems to snow ball. can't wait for the weather to start to turn so we can get out and get down and dirty ;) x

  15. Such pretty shots - and I adore Mr Blackbird - I've been trying to capture ones in our garden but no joy on a decent shot as of yet. Grandmas has a lovely garden!
    Nice to have a night out - how was the gig?

    Thanks for joining in and sharing - and sorry for the delay in commenting - power cuts and birthday parties here! x

    1. No worries - you are always such a busy bee and I totally understand the power cuts - we get more than our fair share here! The gig was fabulous - he's a local boy you know - from near Winchester!

  16. I love this time of year when you get hints of colour when you're not expecting it. In our villag we've got snowdrops and crocuses and the suggestion of daffodils opening soon. However, our garden does not have much going on. Partly because we've been focussing on the house for the last year, but also because I'm no gardener, maybe one day.

  17. I really like all these spring photographs popping up! I love the vivid colours after the cold, grey winter days!

  18. There is lots to look at and enjoy in Grandma's garden. ours is a blank canvas at the moment as we mainly grow veg and I wasn't organised enough to plant winter veg! It is lovely seeing the sunshine and evenings starting to get lighter, soon I will be back in my wellies and out planting seeds.

  19. Wow! I wish we had a garden like that - ours is the same soggy mess as yours by the sounds of it :-( I love this time of year when everything starts to show signs of life again.

  20. So lovely to see veg at this time of year. I really hope we sort our veggie plot this year for round the season productivity! Lovely pics x


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