Rollercoaster Mum: The Year 2014 in photos - Week 5


Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Year 2014 in photos - Week 5

Gosh those weeks are racing by already. Our week started with (another) long powercut  -no heat, light etc for about 13 hours so Little Miss's choice for family time of film and popcorn had to be changed to boardgames. No pictures of that but I did take a few of the candles later - along with our supper, which luckily we could cook on the gas hob.

The rest of the week was mainly routine busyness. I had my hair done for the first time since November so that my unruly mop and darkening roots looked a bit better for this weekend when I am out not once, but twice. I (almost) never ever go out so twice in two nights is a bit mad but the first on Friday is a work do - to the Hutong Chinese restaurant on Chinese New Year at The Shard (couldn't miss that) and the second tonight is a meal out for a friend's 40th. I'm quite looking forward to a quiet night in again on Sunday!

Evening by candlelight
An evening by candlelight due to the powercut - we even read proper books! 

candle lights
Rather liked this pic I took of some of the candles and I had fun experimenting with different settings on my new camera.

Signs of Spring - Catkins
At last a blue sky and signs of Spring snapped on the school run

Friendly Robin redbreast
I have been enjoying taking pictures of the birds with big zoom and this little Robin was visiting our bird feeders.

The first yellow daffodils
I adore daffodils and buy them all through the time you can buy them in the supermarket and this is the first bunch of the year - definitely something to feel happy about.

First snowdrop - signs of spring
And another sign of Spring - the first snowdrop. I am so fed up with the rain and desperate for that Spring sunshine
Chinese New Year at Hutong at the Shard
I have loads of photos from Chinese New Year at the Shard but decided I may do a whole separate post on it if I get time but I had to include the view and the dragon! Kung Hei Fat Choi! 

To see what the rest of the clan have been up to in the last week of the Year of the Snake head on over to the Boy and Me: Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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  1. Nothing like a power cut to get you back to basics...I remember them all the time while growing up in Jamaica unfortunately.

  2. What a gorgeous photo of the little robin. Beautiful. #project365

  3. Board games by candle light sounds more fun than regular film night

  4. Love the candles, all beautiful pictures!

  5. The robin is stunning, I love your candle light too x

  6. Such beautiful pictures, I especially love the robin

  7. Lovely photo of the robin and also the daffodils! I love spring...hurry up spring!

  8. Love your photos, they are all so well thought out

  9. wow that robin shot is amazing it really is beautiful x

  10. It is good to play with the settings on the camera. I admit I don't do it enough but I am always pleased with the results when I do. You were well rewarded

  11. Wonderful photos - jealous that you're getting signs of spring. Love the robin!

  12. Loving the signs of Spring and what an amazing way to spend Chinese New Year! :)

  13. Some lovely shots that seem to suggest spring is round the corner. Haven't had a power cut for some years. As long it isn't for too long, it's quite fun I think.

  14. lovely photos of the candles :)

  15. Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky already live.


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