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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our Fabulous Olympic Day

I have already described much of our day on my Project 52 post and cheated on Silent Sunday with two photos but I had to share some more photos as it was a fantastic day and I did take a lot! We have been utterly absorbed by the Olympics and London 2012 the last two weeks and my husband has been excited by it since before the tickets went on sale!

I really didn't expect to be so wrapped up in it as I'm not normally that interested in sport but it has been the most wonderfully special two weeks. I am truly proud to be British right now and it is with much sadness and a tear in my eye that I take my red, white and blue Team GB nail varnish off in readiness for normality and work tomorrow. I have a feeling it will feel a bit like taking the Christmas tree down on twelfth night.

We were lucky enough to go to London twice during the Games. The first time OH and oldest went to watch the beach volleyball and youngest and I just lapped up the atmosphere on the morning after the opening ceremony. The second time we all had a trip to see the athletics at the Olympic Stadium and we had a fabulous (and amazingly cheap) day. Here's the pics (apologies there are rather a lot!)

Up super early for that Olympic train

Olympic park this way - one of the amazing Olympic volunteers

approaching the Olympic Stadium

The Orbit

The Green Bridge

We're in - weather at the Olympic Stadium

Go Team GB!

110m hurdles in decathlon

Super minis collecting the discus

I want to be on the big telly!

Pole vault in decathlon


The Olympic Flame

Tunnel of Olympic messages

the BBC studios


powering the Games

The BIG screen

The Marshmallow

The Pringle

is it, is it? Yes it is - Sir Chris Hoy!

beer in the sun in the Olympic Park - Team GB winning gold - cheers!

Team GB win another Gold!

BA Olympic Angels!

cool! (but queue way too long to go on!)

The Pringle close up

so many amazing structures - with the Bandstand

boogy in the evening sun - by the bandstand!

last run with Wenlock!

'that' boat

still dancing!

England's green and pleasant land


Urban Rural

one last Olympic Torch!

I am just finishing this post whilst watching the closing ceremony and once again I would like to say what a wonderful job everyone has done on London 2012 - what a fabulous two weeks. And of course there is the Paralympics in two weeks time to keep the party going. Hip hip hooray..!


  1. What fabulous photos. You will remember these outings always. Was really interested to see some of these things which i wasn't aware of.
    Following you on google +

  2. Wow. What fabulous photos! I too was apathetic. It you cant fail to get carried away by the atmosphere there!


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