Rollercoaster Mum: Nativity Plays (and poorliness) - Project 52 - Week 50


Friday, 14 December 2012

Nativity Plays (and poorliness) - Project 52 - Week 50

I'm still struggling to feel that Christmas spirit at the moment - I merely feel stressed at the thought of it all. I still have most of my Christmas cards to write, have not finished the present shopping and have no idea when it is all going to happen. Hopefully we can at least get the tree up this weekend and if we get that lovely frosty weather back the Christmas spirit may appear!

The school nativity was lovely as usual though and these have to be the picture(s) for this week. Little Miss Sunshine did a great job of being an Innkeeper with her line of  ' You can stay in the stable, follow me...' (and she did look rather cute as did all the reception children). Little Miss Star can possibly be forgiven for not smiling more in her song given her present circumstances (more of that in a minute) and the fact that the play was only yesterday.

It doesn't help that I inconveniently had youngest close to Christmas so birthday tends to take precedence over Christmas. Although last week was her actual birthday she has her big birthday party this weekend in the village hall - at least we hope she will as currently her big sister is lying prostrate on the sofa after vomiting all over the school (at least it wasn't her bed!!) so the lurgy has hit and we can only pray that youngest staves it off at least until after the party. I dread to think how upset she would be to miss her own party.

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  1. Fingers crossed that big sister is soon on the mend and doesn't pass the bug on!

    Lovely pics, I dug out the ones of Master Mac as Joseph the other day (he's now nearly 15).

  2. Oh no, it is that time of year unfortunately! I hope she's feeling better by her party then! She makes a gorgeous inn keeper!

  3. Hope big sister is well soon and that it doesn't spread any further. We were very lucky the other year that H didn't develop chicken pox until a few days after his party - would have spoilt it all. Love the play pictures.

  4. lets hope the lurgy does not spread, and it does not spoil Christmas

  5. Oh dear. Nothing worse than vomiting bugs. The kids across the road have it hear. I do hope it doesn't spread


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