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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mummys and Fashion?

Mummy Fashion - not two words you would necessarily put together and some might say it was a contradiction in terms. Why should we think that though?  Do all mummies slob around all day in a pair or old jeans and a sloppy jumper? I know I certainly don't, however it can get harder to either be interested or to get it right or simply to have the time to think about it.

I certainly don't claim to be the yummy fashion mummy on the block (waaay too old for that) but I do like to think that my standards haven't slipped tooo much. Maybe having two girls helps - although at the moment they are still small, it doesn't stop them being interested and Little Miss Star is already quite a fussy little madam at the tender age of 7. It was encouraging to speak to a colleague at work the other day who has a grown up daughter complaining that she was always borrowing her clothes  - that has to be a good sign that your clothes are at least quite fashionable. I secretly hope my girls might do that one day too - although no doubt it will irritate me beyond belief at the time. 

Clothes shopping as a mum can be a bit of a task, especially with the kids in tow. Even though mine are girls they get bored pretty quickly if I dare try to do some shopping for me. Last summer I had to find a posh dress for the cruise we went on and as my wardrobe is somewhat lacking on posh dresses these days this entailed actual shopping. I am normally a big fan of t'internet shopping (no queues, cramped changing rooms or kids to dag around) but it being a posh dress I had to try about a zillion on so real life shopping it had to be. I have to admit I nearly lost the plot - they were bored, I was hot and bothered - and yes they did comment (not always positively). It was not a pleasant experience and I can see that experiencing that on a regular basis would send me scurrying to the tracky bums and baggy t-shirts regardless. I did however end up with my beautiful red dress so I guess it was worth the trauma in the end. There's nothing like a bit of glamour to make a girl feel better (and forget temporarily about that mummy status). On that note I have to go make that hair appointment or I shall be looking like the wild woman of Borneo if I leave it much longer. I might even indulge in some internet shopping therapy as the sun's out. See ya later and keep up your standards girls!

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