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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 28

I do believe it is actually summer - at least for a week or so - woohoo! Unfortunately the kids are not yet off school but it does just make you feel so much happier. The week started with a day off for us when both girls went to a district girlguiding fun day last weekend - what to do without children for a few hours on a sunny Saturday? The answer being a pub lunch and a mooch around a garden centre in peace - bliss! We even bought a couple of new fish for the aquarium. As for the rest of the week, well water was played with, bikes were ridden, butterflys released, BBQ's had and tents and dens built - the beauty of being able to play outside. The highlight for me though was Little Miss Sunshine's school assembly by their Reception class - sooo sweet and I will have 'Alice the Camel' ringing in my ears for weeks but unfortunately no photos as they all had other children in them.
Angel fish
Our new fish - they look like they just glide through the water! 
water slide
One way to cool down! 

Bread and Jam dress
Now we can ride our bike we even rode to a party on it!
Painted Lady butterfly
And we finally got a butterfly - only one successfully metamorphosised so far though!

Insect Lore butterfly
Releasing our butterfly to freedom - good luck Flutterbye! 

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  1. Those water slides are just the best of fun. Brilinat capture

  2. That's a beautiful butterfly. I haven't seen any yet this summer. Such a cool water slide. I'd love one of those in his heat!

  3. Oh your butterfly is beautiful. I've only seen white ones so far this summer.

  4. Amazing butterfly shot, we haven't seem many this year. Water slide looks amazing

  5. Beautiful butterfly! Oh to walk round a garden centre solo...bliss. Love the water slide looks like so much fun!

  6. I am so happy that we are outdoors all day too! I love the butterfly closeup. It must be so wonderful to release it into the wild!

  7. love the water slide photo - been a week for those!and another lovely butterfly shot x

  8. It must have been great to grow the butterfly and watch it hatch. Great close up shot, lovely


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