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Thursday, 11 July 2013

How doth my Garden grow? An update on our little patch...

I missed this linky last week what with all the tennis and gin and various other things (so many end of term shennanigans.) I did however take some photos and to be honest despite the immense heat and even some actual watering on my part not a huge amount has changed - the green stuff continues to grow and fruit is ripening but the flowers are still sadly behind so here are some photos - just imagine there's more leaves!

herb bed
First an update on the herb bed - which goes from strength to strength (except the Basil) and with the addition of some flowers in pots from my purchases a couple of weeks ago.

Hanging basket
My carefully chosen purple and yellow flower scheme - well I thought it was a bit different - purchases all planted now. The marigolds planted in the ground have all been decimated by slugs and snails though - grrrrrr...

ripe raspberry
Raspberries are ripening -delightfully hairy and delicious

ripe redcurrant jewels
The redcurrants are ready to pick - I love that they look like jewels

stripy gazania
Vibrant gazaniaz to add a bit of zing to my flowerless garden!

Perennials flower bed
My revamped flower bed still looks a bit sparse but I have high hopes for all those perennials next year.

Astrantia Major
My Astrantia Major in it's new home

pea pods ripening
The green jewels of pea pods ripening

honeysuckle drifts
Drifts of heavenly honeysuckle 

honeysuckle flowers
Honeysuckle flowers - smell divine

Japanese Maple
Love how the Acer looks almost fluffy!
And to finish off I couldn't miss out our two new residents - our very own scarecrows made at the Village Fun day last week. Although the courgettes are now so large just one week later the scarecrow is almost hidden!

make a scarecrow
Our two friendly scarecrows!
Linking up with Mammasaurus so head on over for tonnes more gardening inspiration.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. tennis and gin huh? sounds like fun! everything looks beautiful and that gazaniaz is gorgeous!!

  2. Your garden is looking fabulous and those Redcurrants are just amazing. Loving Mr Scarecrow too, he looks like a happy little chappie tucked in there.

  3. That gizazidoobie is stunning! How good to see raspberries turning red already - makes me crave for berry puddings. Cute scarecrows too, your garden is looking lovely!

    How about you take the tennis and I'll have the gin? Yes? *hopeful face*

    Thanks for joining in again x

  4. Such beautiful photos! Those raspberries made my mouth water :)

  5. Looks lovely! Love the pic of the redcurrants!

  6. i want to bite that raspberry the picture is so good. my red currents are ready but a black bird scoffed the lot in 2 days so i havent got a look in :(. love your Scarecrows

  7. Honeysuckle are one of my favs! It reminds me of childhood, and no one can resist their delicious smell!

  8. Wow the raspberries and currents look amazing. Also the lovely honeysuckle, I bet the smell is divine in the evening

  9. Oh, the raspberries and red currents looks fabulous! I also love honeysuckle, such a beautiful flower and gorgeous scent. Popping over from how does your garden grow

  10. The scarecrows are lovely. Lots of lovely things to eat there, I hope you get bumper crops :)

  11. Your acer looks fantastic. can't wait til mine are that big. And the parsley looks fabulous too xx


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