Rollercoaster Mum: Afternoon Tea - 52 Photo Project - Week 35


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Afternoon Tea - 52 Photo Project - Week 35

This week has been about getting back to normal now we have been on our posh cruise holiday and the relatives have gone. Back to mountains of washing, ironing, housework and back to work. I only had one day with the girls this week (bit like the whole hols really - felt I've hardly seen them which has it's good and bad points!) It was a sunny day and we took the opportunity of doing nothing much at all except going to the library to get their medals for completing the 6 books in 6 weeks reading challenge. (I know Little Miss Sunshine can't really read yet but we practised our letters and numbers together.) For anyone who has not heard of this it is a nationwide challenge that they do every year and is well worth it to keep them interested in reading over those (not so long) summer holidays.

The other days they went to see friends, had best friends birthday parties, had a Daddy day and a Grandma day which brings me to the picture this week. They both loved the posh Afternoon Teas when we were on Cunard Queen Victoria which took place every day at 3.30 in the Queens Room - a grand room with a dance floor and crystal chandeliers. Afternoon Tea meant classical music from a harp, string quartet or piano with white gloved waiters bringing around pots of tea, cucumber sandwiches and most importantly cakes. Little Miss Sunshine in particular absolutely loved this so on Daddy's day he decided to re-create it at home. He baked cakes with the girls which were saved for the next day so they could have Afternoon Tea with Grandma (who came on the cruise with us so could fully appreciate the significance!)

This is the girls with their cakes for Afternoon Tea (Grandma had to make the sandwiches the next day!) I'm also linking this up with The Crazy Kitchen's new linky - Foodie Foto Friday - basically just a photo of food that you have taken this week - easy peasy!

The Crazy Kitchen

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  1. what a lovely photo....yummy cakes & gorgeous girls.
    Thanks for joining in & linking up

  2. Great pic of the girls together and cakes too - what's not to like?

  3. I have one a lot like this I am posting tomorrow. I love the way you have the girls there proudly with their cakes.

  4. yum. you've reminded me I must get one of those cake displays, they're fab!

  5. We've been baking and eating cake this week too! Lovely pic x

  6. Gorgeous. And the cakes don't look bad either.

  7. ooooooh yum! what pretty cakes and girls you have here :) x

  8. Yummy cakes, beautiful girls! X

  9. Can't decide what's prettier the cakes or your girls :)

  10. Thank you for all your lovely comments - I can take no credit for the cakes but at least half for the children ;)


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