Rollercoaster Mum: The New Normal (& a trip to London town) - 52 Photo Project - Week 38


Saturday, 22 September 2012

The New Normal (& a trip to London town) - 52 Photo Project - Week 38

I guess you could say that this week we are back to normal (well sort of) - except with this being the first time in ages that I actually have child free time (not much of it mind as I am slowly realising!) The girls are at school, I'm at work and a couple of days a week I'm at home with out them. I can't say I miss them - I love having the house to myself - I just wish I had more time as I didn't manage to do half the things I wanted to this week! So there we are boring week.

Except we (the girls and I) had a trip to London on Saturday to do some toy testing for Tesco (more of that another time.) The toy testing took place at RADA near Goodge Street and because the Northern Line was shut we decided to walk along some of Oxford Street which gave us a chance for a little retail therapy - so new winter boots for them - thank you Primark! Fun and sandwiches were had at the toy testing and after that we headed to the British Museum for a bit of culture.

This could have been a bit dull but they did enjoy doing the family backpack (£10 deposit which you get back so free - yay!) Little Miss Star has requested a return visit but not so sure Little Miss Sunshine was that impressed, but she is only 4! My favourite bit is the gorgeous courtyard with that amazing roof and curving stairs and here it is (complete with new Primark boots!)

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  1. This is a fabulous shot! A lovely moment captured against a stunning backdrop x

  2. My house is a lot quieter too now the gang are all back at school. This is a gorgeous pic of your girls, that roof looks incredible! Love the new boots too, think it's time for a Primark shopping trip myself!

  3. Gorgeous photo and I agree an amazing backdrop

  4. A beautiful photo, absolutely gorgeous.

  5. What an amazing building and you've captured it beautifully :-)

  6. Thanks for all the comments and if you're ever in London it's worth a trip to the British Museum even if you're not that interested in history. Just have coffee and cake in the amazing courtyard!

  7. Fantastic building. We did take H there once to see the Hadrian exhibition, but he was still very small. I think he'd enjoy some of the history more now.

  8. Lovely picture of them together :)

  9. Awww, what a lovely photograph. I find that ceiling amazing too.

    Thanks for linking up


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