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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

CubbyKit - Craft Kits for Kids - Review

As I said in a previous post for a non crafty person I was ridiculously excited to be getting a CubbyKit to review. I have to say that I think it is the most brilliant idea for numpties like me who can't think up craft ideas or just for mums and dads who are too busy.

Basically the idea is you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription and you are then sent an exciting box full of craft stuff and ideas every month. Each box has a different theme and currently they have two age ranges 3-4 years and 5-6 years.

We were sent the 5-6 year age range (which I had requested) but the exciting looking box (designed to look like a suitcase) was addressed to both my children. This is a nice touch and makes kids even more excited about their parcel.

The CubbyKit has arrived!

Having a good look at the CubbyKit contents

The kit we received had an Outer Space theme which was very appropriate as Little Miss Sunshine had been looking at Outer Space and all the different planets at nursery. The box itself was beautifully packed with tissue paper and stickers. The main craft materials for each of the 3 activities was packed in a large brown paper bag with a detailed instruction leaflet which also has a 'Did you know' page with some discussion points for you and your child.  My girls loved having a good rummage through the box and peering in to each of the bags and they couldn't wait to get started.


Are there planets in this one Mum?!
CubbyKit is like a lucky dip!
In typical craft mess avoidance I *ahem* persuaded them that we should start with making the Foam Rocket as it looked quite easy (even for me) and mess free - yay! All the bits were provided - even the double sided sticky tape (although I had to find some more as I was responsible for getting it stuck to itself - really can't blame them - luckily we had some!). I had to help them a little holding bits and pieces for them to stick, reading instructions and rolling the pointy end bit but it was a good introduction as a quick, easy craft.

Our CubbyKit rocket!

A couple of days later they badgered me to do more from the CubbyKit but as it was already late after school I still managed to persuade them to postpone the papier mache (I know I am messphobic when it comes to kids and crafts!) We had a go at the Constellations Wallchart.

This one was definitely aimed more at the higher age group as although Little Miss Sunshine had a go at drawing the lines, her dexterity just wasn't quite good enough. Little Miss Star though thoroughly enjoyed joining the dots on each of the constellations cards with the sparkly gold pen provided which of course we can keep and use for other things (the pen has been snaffled into her room pronto!). They both enjoyed sticking the stickers on it and Little Miss Star did a great job of decorating it with the glitter glue pen.

This activity is probably the one that has left the most lasting impression as Little Miss Star has now been outside on several nights with chart in hand to try and spot the constellations!

Carefully joining up the stars

Our fab CubbyKit Constellations Wall Chart

Finally I had to succumb to the Papier-Mache Planets - eeek! Not only was I dreading the mess but I was also quite unsure as to what to do - it is many a decade since I did papier-mache! This was undoubtedly the most major project in the CubbyKit and it took us several days before we had completed it all.

Once again - everything was included, however I would say with this project that the instructions possibly needed to be a bit more comprehensive for crafting novices like me as we did make several mistakes! First I blew up the balloons too big (OK so it did warn me but I need precise instructions with a size guide!) and this resulted in us almost running out of papier-mache paste (this could have been down to over enthusiastic application at first) and we then ran out of the thin paper provided but I improvised with some newspaper. However this all added to the fun - luckily I had picked a rare sunny day in February and we actually did this bit outside!

Papier-mache fun in the garden

Our CubbyKit papier-mache planet kit

The balloons being a bit large,the over application of paste and a somewhat chilly day in the garden did leave us with VERY wet planets which we then had to dry with a hairdryer - this has produced some great #SatCap comments though! As I say I'm not quite sure where exactly we went wrong but our planets took literally days to dry. Not a problem for me though as this put off the evil moment where I actually had to let my children loose with paint - nooooo!

At last they were dry and with deep breaths from me the paint was retrieved from the CubbyKit box. They had to mix colours to produce other colours which was great for learning but the quantities needed to be adjusted a little from the instructions. The girls had a great time painting them and we learnt it can be tricky painting a balloon shaped thing! Little Miss Star was particularly proud of planet Earth!

getting to paint the CubbyKit planets at last

Well I have to get messy - right!
 We then had to wait some more for the paint to dry as Little Miss Star wanted to draw craters on the moon and bling up the Sun with some flames. Finally it was done and as suggested I hung the planets on a coat hanger and they are now hanging up in her room.
All our CubbyKit crafts :)


The CubbyKit planets looked pretty good in the end!

Despite the mess and the odd heart palpitation I can safely say that CubbyKit was a hit in the Rollercoaster house. It made me do some craft and just get down and do something with my children (rather than leave them to fend for themselves!). They had a great time and they learnt stuff from it as well.

I think at £19.99 per month it represents good value for money. It would be good if they could broaden the age range a bit but my youngest still enjoyed it even though our kit was for older kids. They even provide extra craft materials in the box for you to use as you want - we had a balloon, some pipe cleaners, a couple if crayons and some craft paper. And of course you get to keep the stuff like the gold pen, the paintbrush and sponge applicator as well as any leftover paint and glue. The pots the paint and glue come in are good to keep for using again too.

Mainly though you can't really put a price on ideas and I'm sure I'm not the only parent who frequently lacks these - CubbyKit gives you the ideas and the stuff to do them with too. They also have a great blog with lots of other craft activity ideas.

If you would like to find out more about CubbyKit then just click the cute bear button below.

CubbyKit have an introductory offer at the moment - just enter the code CUBBY at the checkout to get your first box FREE!

I was offered this product by CubbyKit free to review . I received this product free of charge but I have received no other payment for this review and any opinions or comments are entirely my own.


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Thank's for letting us know how you got on with your CubbyKit! Looks like you guys had fun (even with the messy papier mache!)

    We really value your feedback too and look forward to hearing from you in the future :)


  2. I love your pictures!....they are always so clear and sharp. The CUbbyKit looks great and your girls seem to really enjoy all the crafts in it. They sent you a lot of stuff. Have a great week.

    1. We did enjoy it and yes they sent of loads of stuff - they are great - such a good idea.


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