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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn Adventures - National Trust 50 things and the Great British Walk

50 things - Make a trail with sticks

The other day Bigger Miss decided she wanted to go to the woods for a walk and do another of her #50things to do before she is 11 3/4. We had a look at her adventure scrapbook and decided that she and Little Miss could do no. 12 - Make a Trail with Sticks. I wanted to pick a few more blackberries before it was too late so I collected the treasure whilst they made a secret trail for me to follow with sticks. Like the mud pies they had lots of fun.

Having fun in the woods making a trail with sticks for Mummy to follow (you can see the arrows!)

The 'treasure' at the end of the trail - can't get better than some blackberries! 

Afterwards we went conker hunting - prising the conkers from their spiky shells - all ready to do no 10. of the #50things - play cconkers.
Hidden Hindhead - a Great British Walk

The next day was an inset day and due to our wretched boiler we couldn't go out for a full day so we decided to blow the cobwebs away with a couple of hours doing one of the National Trust's Great British Walk. In this case a trail called 'Hidden Hindhead' which starts at the Devil's Punchbowl in the Surrey Hills. It is only a 3 mile walk but it still took us nearly two hours - mainly due to Little Miss being a tad slow on occasions! We had loads of fun on it though and the scenery was magnificent even on a rather grey and misty day. 

The walk was very well signposted with pink signs

Taking in the view over the Devil's Punch Bowl

Striding out through the woods

Gorgeous patterns on the trees

We found some spectacular trees 

and weird sticky fungi.

Calling into the hollows in the trees to see if the fairies would answer.

Amazing trees in a coppiced area that looked like something out of Narnia or a tropical forest.

We even found a charcoal burner's camp

The charcoal burner's camp - we pretended we were in Swallows and Amazons

There had to be some puddle splashing of course

testing out the new wellies

When Little Miss got a bit bored we went on a bear hunt through the squishy squashy mud
A sunken lane leading from the woodland to the heathland

Nearly home - Little Miss was a bit tired and had had enough!
Everyone can do it - go and get some fresh air in the countryside this weekend and join in with the National Trust's #GBwalk!

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  1. What a couple of lovely days spent outdoors enjoying the mild weather in such beautiful surroundings. The photos are great and show how much fun you all had, the girls made some very impressive arrows and large enough not to miss! Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun outdoor adventures with Country Kids.

  2. What a lovely woodland and beautiful trees! Looks like you could spend hours there.

  3. great photos; bet the dog would love walkies there too :)


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