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Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 12

I haven't taken that many photos this week so I didn't have many to choose from. Some weeks it is just harder to find the subject matter and as the weather has got a bit more wintry again it is more difficult to be inspired. We have still been busy but mainly with just the routine stuff. The only noteable events were a last minute dress up day (thanks school!) for Bigger Miss and finally replacing our blinking boiler that had gone wrong again.

However as I write, even this has not gone smoothly as although the new boiler is working fine they couldn't sign it off because the gas pressure coming into the building is too low. Apparently this needs to be fixed by Southern Gas networks (or something like that) and quite frankly they don't seem to know their arse from their elbow - we have had two visits from them today (different people) and we were promised another but here we are with no gas coming into the house so no heat, hot water or gas hob - sooooo frustrating - grrrrrrr.

Right rant over on with the photos!

red rhubarb stalks ready to pick
I did manage to take a couple in the garden and I love the shape and form and colour of the rhubarb at this time of year.
Celtic costume for school
Bigger Miss had a Roman Feast day at school to which we were invited and we had known about this for sometime but they had omitted to tell us it was also a dressing up day. They could either dress up as a Celt or a Roman and we knew less than 48 hours before. After considering just throwing a blanket over her head, at the eleventh hour I remembered we still had some Mediaeval costumes we made at Guilfest two years ago. I dug them out ironed them and hey presto - with a bit of hair braiding and the blanket we had a Celt! They had a great day making bread, practising Roman entertainment and finally hosting the 'feast'' for the parents.
watching the goggle box!
After the Science Fair last weekend we were inspired to dig out Bigger Miss's science kit she got for Christmas (more on that later) but after Little Miss had joined in she decided she wanted to wear the goggles to watch TV (goodness knows why but it puts a whole new meaning on the 'Goggle Box'! 
copper pipework on boiler
And lastly the shiny new copper pipework on the new boiler that we cannot use. 
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  1. Fantastic costumes! We had a last-minute dressing up day this week, too - on Friday, when the children had to put on sports gear for Sport Relief. It was only last-minute because I forgot until we were in the car and Austin reminded me! :-) I love your rhubarb shot - reminds me that I need to buy some for delicious crumbles!

  2. We have a dress up day for Pirate Day this Tuesday! Only just sorted the costume. Hope you get the heating signed off soon!

  3. awww honey that's appalling that your left without gas they should of sorted it immediately! I do hope they sort it soon xx

  4. And it's gone horribly cold, poor you :( Loving the addition of the goggles for TV watching!

  5. Made me smile seeing the TV goggles! And wow what amazing rhubarbs and fab costume gear

  6. I bow down to your costume skills! I dread the whole costume day - as a mum and definitely as a teacher!

  7. I love fresh rhubarb! Your daughter looks so cute for Roman feast day - and I love the TV watching goggles :-)

  8. Crumbs, I hope the gas is fixed soon! Though your Little Miss does look all cosy in her Roman outfit...Hope you enjoy the rhubarb! #blogclub

  9. I can't believe that you're without basic utilities in 2014, ridiculous in the UK! Hope they sort it out soon? Bigger Miss' costume is excellent, well done.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  10. Love the goggle box photo! brilliant!
    Hope you are finally warm with the ability to cook. What a nightmare!


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