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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Draw with Me - Under the Sea

We have been meaning to join in with the lovely This Mummy Loves and her daughter Boo's  'Draw with Me' competition and linky for a while now and this month we have actually managed to finish our pictures before the deadline - just! They have a £20 Amazon voucher up for grabs this month and all your kids have to do is draw a picture with this month's theme of 'Under the Sea'. You have one more day to join in!

I am so glad I managed to get the girls to join in with this one as it has encouraged them to look at books for ideas and investigate 'under the sea' stuff and as an added bonus it has meant they have hardly watched any telly for 2 whole days after school. Now that's a miracle!

First up it is Bigger Miss. She worked very hard on this, especially trying to get things like the dolpin, seahorse and wray, correct as far as possible. It is a picture taken at sunset or sunrise as you can see from the sun rising out of the sea. Can you see the Wray on the bottom? And in case you were wondering there are different types of coral at the bottom and that purple and green seaweed.

creatures under the Sea

Secondly is Little Miss's picture which again she has worked very hard on. I especially like her stripy fish and colourful rocks - and these definitely are rocks as she told me she wanted them to be colourful when she was colouring it in! 

coulourful Under the Sea drawing

Joining in with 'This Mummy Loves' Draw with Me linky:

This Mummy Loves...


  1. Oh wow what lovely drawings! Great to see you joining in with us :) Thanks so much x

  2. great drawings, very talented children!

  3. When my little sister draws, she totally forgets about the TV too! The jellyfish in the drawing is so cute!

  4. Brilliant drawings! I love the ray hiding in the sand :-)


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