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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Alphabet Photography Project - B is for ....

I am catching up with the fab new #alphabetphoto project organised by the lovely PODcast - by C I might be publishing on the right day with everyone else! In the meantime back to B which could be for many things but in this case and this week B is for:


I may have mentioned before that we like a good book in the Rollercoaster household although currently Little Miss is quite definitely the chief bookworm. She devours books almost as voraciously as chocolate and she was thrilled to move up another level in reading at school this week - so close to free readers now! The pictures come from a trip to the bookshop to spend Bigger Miss's birthday gift card. I adore bookshops and could easily spend hours in one and so it seems could Little Miss.

mini bookworm in bookshop, bookshelves

bookshelves and bookshops

Linking up with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODcast - posting a new photograph (or two) with the next letter of the alphabet.


  1. That's such a great image. Always lovely to see children enjoying books especially Miffy! Our 3 YO loves books too. Thanks for sharing and joining in #alphabetphoto

  2. i love that photo with the miffy book - Miffy is one of our faves too. x

  3. Ooooh how fab! I love books, so does mummy! x

  4. It's so great when they love books! Mine is the same in a bookstore and dare not go unless we are taking something away so I tend to stick to the library :)

  5. Great photo! I only treat myself to a trip to the bookshop every so often as I can never leave without spending a fortune on new books!

  6. Such a beautiful photo!

    I don't go to book shops much anymore, we don't get to town too often. Last year the fiance and I had a 'date day' all to ourselves, a day out in town, lunch, shopping and then cinema and a meal - One of the things we did with our whole day together was go to the book shop, it's luxury for us, our kids are just too little to behave there just yet! Plus books are So much cheaper on the internet, but I miss the book buying experience :(

  7. Lovely photo. I haven't been in a book shop for ages, got piles waiting to be read at home

  8. Books are so important. I like the fact that you chose books :-)


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