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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Around the World In 80 Words - Sri Lanka

As an inveterate (although currently frustrated) traveller having heard about SAHDandproud's travel linky 'Around the World in 80 Words' I had to join in. This is my first attempt on Sri Lanka. Some of the eagle eyed may have realised I am rather fond of this place for reasons that I explained a few months ago in my post on happy memories. So here goes 80 words on Sri Lanka - bit more of a list than literary genius I'm afraid!

Teardrop island in Indian Ocean - chaotic, hot, steamy, spicy. Horrendous roads but beautiful beaches. Colourful buses, noisy tuk-tuks, snaking bumpy trains, enormous elephants. Cool misty mountains, spectacular views, orderly tea plantations. Colourful, friendly people, smiles, saris and white school uniforms. Hot curry and roti, curd and treacle, heavenly pineapples. The LOUDEST thunder, torrential rain and hot hot sunshine. Peacocks, monkeys, lizards and turtles. Buddhas, stupas, ancient sites, Getting married, riding an elephant and ten years later a family adventure.

the beach in Galle, Sri Lanka


  1. perfect.
    would so love to go.

  2. We honeymooned there, such an amazing country.

  3. It is a fabulous country and we enjoyed it just as much the second time round with the girls. We won the trip though so ideally we would have taken them when they were a bit older as we can't normally afford this sort of holiday any more!

  4. Oo la la hot and spicy!

    I want to go now!


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