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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feb - The World's Biggest Blog Project

I found out about on the BBC news show 'Click' a few days ago and I rather wish I had found out about it earlier as I would love to have persuaded my oldest daughter's school to take part. It is not just for schoolchildren, although the project was started by a headteacher of a primary school from Bolton in North Yorkshire who discovered that blogging improved his pupils writing scores enormously when he introduced the idea of blogging to them. You can read more about this here.

The idea of is to record one special day across the globe with the site open from when the first country's times zone enters Feb 29th to when the last one leaves it and it becomes ordinary old March 1st across the world. If you would like to join in simply write a blog post - long or short and load it into their form on

So on to my post. What am I going to write? Well I wasn't too sure at first and then I thought about what was special to me this year - the answer is that I have had a big landmark birthday this year as anyone who reads my blog will already know (I know I'm banging on about it again!). This got me thinking and I decided that I would write about 29 things that I should do this year (easier than *ahem* 21!). Some of these things I know I am definitely going to do - others may be harder, although I have tried to be realistic (it's not a bucket list!). Here goes - 29 things to do this year  - before Feb 28th 2013.

1/ Get a job or start a business
2/ Go on a cruise
3/ Get an allotment
4/ Make some money out of my blog!
5/ Go to Britmums or Cybher or Blogcamp
6/ Stay in a yurt
7/ Sort out my wardrobe
8/ Read at least 12 books (I used to read loads but have got out of the habit)
9/ Make some real craft (as opposed to just the kids stuff!)
10/ Cycle around the local ranges with my eldest daughter
11/ Go to an exercise class regularly
12/ Have a big party for all the neighbours
13/ Go to a summer festival with the kids
14/ Learn a new skill or sport
15/ Decorate youngest daughter's bedroom
16/ Do Race for Life (quicker than last year)
17/ Have a weekend away with my husband
18/ Go to an Olympic event
19/ Get my eldest daughter to write a blog post
20/ Sort out our garden and make it pretty again!
21/ Find a family activity we can all do together regularly
22/ Have a reunion with some of my old school friends
23/ Sell some stuff on Ebay
24/ Complete another section of the South Downs Way
25/ Take my youngest daughter on a bus
26/ Sell at a car boot sale
27/ Put up some more nest boxes for the wild birds
28/ Get my (21 year old's!) check up at the doctors
29/ In summary - declutter, get organised, get fitter and spend more time with the family!

That was harder than I thought! I'll let you know how I get on on my blog Rollercoaster Mum. In the meantime what things would you like to do this year?

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