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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Gallery (sort of) - Easter

This is a total cheat really as it's not a photo it's a video - and one using an app at that. However Tara over at Sticky Fingers asked us to post a photo with the theme of Easter and what we did at Easter. The truth is I have taken very few photos (if any) over the Easter weekend so this is pretty much it.

We had got together with my step sister and her family, including my step nieces who are 15 and 18. We haven't seen them in a while as they have been in Australia for the past year and my two girls adore them (bit of hero worship going on!). They had this app on their fancy 'phones (I don't have such a fancy 'phone!) and they all had great fun making up silly moves to dance to. This one is just my two girls. So here you go - what we did over Easter (sorry Tara!)

PS - Just found a proper photo too! There was some hairdressing going on as well as dancing - when girls get together this is what happens!

For more proper Easter pictures head over to The Gallery at Sticky Fingers - just click the image below.



  1. Looks pretty fun to me. Wear em out and send em to bed!!

  2. Hilarious video and very girly pic!

  3. Love the french plaits too, can't get the video to work :(

  4. Those french plaits are adorable! p.s Your house looks lovely!!xx

  5. How do you get them to stay still long enough to plait their hair?


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