Rollercoaster Mum: Hard work and poppies - Project 52 - Week 45


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hard work and poppies - Project 52 - Week 45

Now you may think the hard work referred to in the title is that the girls are back at school but it is I'm afraid me. I have got a second job in the run up to Christmas and I have worked all five days this week - eeeeek. This means blog, house and everything else is somewhat neglected and I am getting even less sleep than my normal insomniac tendencies lead to. It's nothing fancy - just packing actually but beggars as they say cannot be choosers and needs must - we need every penny.

Little Miss Sunshine in particular couldn't wait to go back to school to see her friends  ('I wanted a holiday Mummy but it was very long!') She has been absorbing all those phonic sounds like a sponge and walks around all day saying sssss and per per per and so on! We are once again very proud of Little Miss Star who has been moved up to the top group in maths in her class (chip off the old block of course!!)

However none of these events make great pictures and although not a great deal has happened I couldn't choose a favourite picture so I cheated and did a collage.

We had our first proper frost earlier in the week so there is frost on strawberry leaves, last Sunday we met up with old friends for lunch and Little Miss Sunshine made a new best friend of their gorgeous Cocker Spaniel and it is of course Remembrance Sunday this weekend. Last year I published a lovely Remembrance Sunday Poem. This year I am showing you the lovely poppy that Little Miss Sunshine made at school along with the gorgeous poppy that a good friend of mine made for me from felted wool. She is the complete opposite of me when it comes to crafts and makes lots of lovely stuff. Her Etsy shop is called MeMakeyYouLikey if you want to take a look - the poppy for instance is only £5 including UK postage with £2 going to the Royal British Legion.

Remembrance poppies
Lest we forget
If you would like to see more of my little Photo Project take a peep here.
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  1. A very fitting selection of images for this weekend. And a wonderful idea

  2. Good work on helping them to explain what remembrance Sunday is about, lovely craft work.

    Thanks for linking up

  3. goodness you must be very tired lovely!
    how lovely that you have done some Remembrance sunday craft work with the girls - your poppies look great! x

  4. Great craft work on Remembrance Sunday. Will be parade for mine today with Cubs, Scouts and Brownies.

  5. Loving all the poppy shots this week. I think though that my favourite is the leaf with frost on it.

  6. Lovely collection of photos as always. And you have a very clever friend making that poppy.

  7. Lovely photos. The Remembrance Sunday crafts look great too.


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