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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Country Kids - A magical Woodland Adventure

I'm playing catch up with my Country Kids adventures and from the Christmas holidays last week we have moved on to February half term when we had a fabulous time exploring a Woodland Trust wood whilst walking the dog with Grandma. It is full of exciting tunnels, rocks, secret spots and a lake - really magical.

When you go down to the woods today..., Woodland Trust
'When you go down to the woods today, you'll be sure of a big surprise..'
secret, locked tunnels, Woodland Trust
We found secret, and mysteriously, locked tunnels.
rock climbing, Woodland Trust
There were rocks to climb and explore.
exploring tunnels, Woodland Trust
More tunnels - and this time they could be explored properly.

looking out over the lake, Woodland Trust
Looking out over the lake.
woodland adventures, Woodland Trust
There was a myriad of magical adventures to be had - stairs to climb, more mysterious tunnels, fairy doors, big puddles and of course the lake. 
rock climbing, Woodland Trust
We came back the next day for more exploring, the sun was out and the girls got higher and higher! 
secret grotto, Woodland Trust
We explored the other side of the lake this time and it was possibly even more exciting with secret fairy grottoes and mysterious steps.

view from a fairy grotto, Woodland Trust
Beautiful views from secret fairy grottos

view from the rocks, Woodland Trust
With a bit more exploring we found the top of the world.
sand play, Woodland Trust
There was even some sand to play in. 

art in nature, Woodland Trust
Meanwhile I found some unique pieces of nature's art to admire. 
Quite possibly the best place for a walk ever!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Well that was surreal - Was just returning your blog visit for my HDYGG post and I have basically the exact photo's at home - do you live near here?

    I am about 5 minutes from this particular lake (I won't name it for privacy reasons of course!!)


  2. Wow looks beautiful. Such a great adventure the girls had!

  3. I am in awe of the beauty of this place. So many things to see and so many different landscapes available. I agree when you said its the best place for a walk EVER! #countrykids

  4. Wow, that is just incredible, so beautiful! I love the photos, especially the black and white looking out over the lake. I'd be there every weekend :) #CountryKids

  5. Tunnels and grottoes galore! Fab place to visit. #countrykids

  6. Some wonderful photos and I can see with so much natural beauty and interesting features it would be hard to drag the children away. A lovely post for Country Kids. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Stunning photos, and those locked tunnels look very mysterious - great for kids' imaginations!

  8. oh my goodness this looks like an amazing place to visit. it looks like you has so much fun there x

  9. Wow! I am one thousand percent off to look on the woodland trust website and find our nearest one because they're in the UK - woohoo! They are stunning photographs. It looks like your girls had an amazing adventure, just like I did thanks to my parents when I was younger. These are the kinds of places I (and my toddler, obviously!) I dream about going. Thank you for this brilliant post, and providing the link! A lot of people post stunning pictures and don't say where it is they went! #countrykids x

  10. This place is so lovely! I love the tunnels.

  11. Wow, this place is stunningly beautiful! It looks like a place you could visit time and time again and find new adventures and fun every time :-)

  12. What a gorgeous and fun place to visit!! Where is this? Looks just beautiful and magical with so much to explore x

  13. Brilliant photos and it all looks so exciting. Looks like you had a proper little adventure.

  14. This looks like a real adventure - I'm sure my son, D, would LOVE the tunnels. :)

  15. What a beautiful place to visit and your youngsters looked like they had a fab time with Grandma too!

  16. Lovely photos. This place looks absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Superb place to visit - lovely photos! #BlogClubD


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