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Friday, 11 April 2014

Country Kids - Running wild on the Ranges

A couple of weeks ago when we had all the problems with the boiler and we were just fed up I dragged the girls out for a walk on one of our favourite haunts - the local army ranges. They weren't keen at first but I knew some fresh air would soon make us all feel much better. Little Miss was particularly miffed about being made to come but as you can see from the picture Mummy was right (as usual!!)

ranges in flood
This was the view from the top of 'Tank Hill' which we had only climbed at the insistence of Little Miss 'cause she wanted to see what it looked like from the top' - she's definitely my girl!  We were a bit worried by the rain clouds in the distance. 

shall we be Swallows and Amazons or in Narnia?
Making our way down the hill - at this point we were being 'Explorers' in the Swallows and Amazons! 

bright winter sunshine coming through the clouds
The bright late winter sun against the stormy clouds made for some cool pictures.

sandy play areas on the Heathland
Bigger Miss found a big patch of sand and Little Miss decided she was off to investigate too.

Natural sand pit to play
They decided they were going to make 'roads' in the sand with their feet.
A real live relief map in the giant sand pit.
The girls hard at work making a 'map' in the sand pit.

Meanwhile I was distracted by the sunlight on the trees and some fascinating lichen.

Rain clouds and sunshine in panorama
As I had just grabbed Bigger Miss's camera on the way out I took a couple of panoramic shots which we can only do on her camera. Loved this one with the sun and the rain and you can just see the girls playing in their sandpit. 

winter sun on the lake
Still dramatic sun through the clouds - but look how the lake has changed - gone from almost choppy to dead calm. 

big skys over the heathland.
There always seems to be such big skies over at the Ranges

Happy faces on our long walk
I think the walk did make them happy #Countrykids

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  1. Love the different atmospheres of your photos! Looks like a fun trip! #countrykids

  2. Nothing like some fresh air to change their moods (and ours). The number of times I've dragged mine out, only for them to turn into enthusiastic expedition leaders. Hope you have sorted out your boiler problem. #CountryKids

  3. Now that is a very cool sand pit discovery! Once I convince my wee man to get out the trouble is then convincing him to come back! The fresh air does them so much good and they really feel it. I love your panormic picture, you get a really great feel of the place. #countrykids

  4. I hope the boiler is sorted out now! What a gorgeous walk with beautiful views and lots to explore too. Thanks for linking up your lovely photos with Country Kids and I especially love the last one of the girls happy faces.

  5. What a fab place to explore!!
    Lovely photos!

  6. Wow! Those are fan photos, such a dramatic sky, makes all the other colours really pop. It looks like they had a great time :) #CountryKids

  7. Lovely shots - so nice to be making the most of the great outdoors at the moment - I love the bursts of bright sunshine we've been getting!

  8. That's a lovely place to explore - lovely photos.

  9. They certainly look like they had a good time! It looks like such a quiet, peaceful place. Perfect! x #blogclub

  10. What great photo's and such beautiful girls x

  11. I love your photos! Looks like a great walk. I always feel better after a walk in the fresh air x

  12. Beautiful photos. A nice refreshing walk can do wonders for sagging spirits. And yes, Mummy is always right :-)

  13. Looks beautiful....even if a bit chilly! Glad you managed to duck any bullets :-)

  14. Gorgeous photos, looks like a lot of fun. We are not allowed on the army range close to us sadly. Mich x #blogclub

  15. What beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a real winderness adventure :-)


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