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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Year 2014 in Photos - Week 17

I really haven't taken many photos this week so it's a bit sparse after last week's overload. We were away at the in-laws over Easter which was really all about seeing relatives, although we did squeeze in a mini Easter egg hunt. Since then it's been one of those long short weeks trying to adjust back to the normal routine of school and work. Bigger Miss has gone off on another Brownie weekend so Little Miss is enjoying Mummy and Daddy to herself again and we are enjoying a slightly more peaceful house!

The most exciting event for me is that I am co-hosting a linky on this blog for the first time ever - the lovely 'Let's Have an Adventure', so if any of you have any posts for adventures, big or small, old or new we would love for you to link up here if you have a moment. xx

Chocolate always makes me smile - Easter Egg Hunt
Bigger Miss tried to pretend she was too cool for school with the mini Easter egg hunt but this photo proves she was secretly enjoying it! 

Dobble the excitement!
The weather wasn't that great on Easter Sunday so a lot of the day was spent playing games - here is the very noisy but lots of fun - Dobble! 

being ladylike - drinks in the garden
Easter Monday was a bit better weatherwise so after a trip to the park the Misses were being ladylike, taking their drinks in the garden! 

#Paddington Bear's Huffkins
Little Miss got Paddington Bear's cookery book for Christmas and we had yet to make anything from it so I promised we would make something one night after school. These are Mrs Bird's Huffkins. 

raindrops on Blueberry flowers
Some ubiquitous flowers. I can't go through a whole week without taking at least one or two pics of flowers and I got my old camera out again for some macros. I loved the raindrops on these Blueberry flowers. Lets hope for a bumper harvest later in the year. 
treasure hunting on Hayling Island beach
Today we took Little Miss to the seaside as Bigger Miss was away and we had a typical British seaside experience with a blustery walk along the beach, fish and chips, a trip to the playground, a train ride, a funfair and an ice-cream. What could be better! 

colourful Beach huts Hayling Island
Colourful beach huts on our seaside walk.
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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! what a fab little round up... I love how the Little Misses are sat very chilled in the garden! :) #Project365

  2. Great pics, the last one could easily be a postcard or framed pic, it's stunning. I love that paddington bear has a cookbook, how fun is that !

  3. ooooh I love the all my favourite is the one of the beach

  4. wow those beach shots are beautiful! .. i so love the dew on the flower x

  5. the beach looks lovely and quiet and i have to say that those buns from the Paddingotn Bear cookbook look really good! the ubiquitous flower is pretty and you captured it well with the water droplets all over it x

  6. They are lovely pictures, hope you have a good week x #Project365

  7. That beach looks lovely, and made all the better with some fish n chips

  8. You are a brilliant photographer, what a great range of pictures from one week - you even make the rain look magical! My favourite is the one of your daughter on the beach shingles, I love the colour contrasts & cloud patterns.

  9. Sounds like someone had fun during easter egg hunt) i like a lot your flower and seaside pictures, i wish I could be as good as you at taking photos)

  10. I have a bit of beach hut envy atm, so I am in love with that last photo!! And what is this game, Dobble? I am curious! Great phot round up hun! #365

  11. Love the drops on the blueberry flowers! Would love to have a blueberry bush in our garden! My dad gets loads of fruit on his x

  12. Lovely pics! And those huffkins look delicious--are they a jammy scone?

  13. Lovely pictures. The beach looks lovely. Such lovely memories captured x

  14. Some lovely shots here but I must admit my favourite is the one on the beach - the sense of perspective is brilliant!

  15. Good collection of photos here - I love that you caught your daughter out enjoying the Easter egg hunt!

  16. Lovely photos of your week.. I especially love the beach huts! Mrs Birds Huffkins look delicious too!

  17. we did our first egg hunt this year, why we've left it so long i don't know!!

  18. Great photos, really love the beach ones they're just beautiful. Always a sucker for macro shots too! Mrs Bird's Huffkins look rather fabulous too. Hope this week has been good to you :)


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